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Friday, 28 March 2003

SF -> Lee Vining

This is the report of the first day of our roadtrip. I backdated the entry to make it easier to reconstruct...

We got up after 5 hours of sleep to do our laundry, buy supplies for the trip and pack our stuff. Around noon we picked up our rental car from Avis. We got an Oldsmobile Alora, a car I had never heard of before. But it's got everything we need: CD player, cruise control, air conditioning, a big trunk and enough horsepower that mountains are no problem. So we are quite satisfied with it.

We left for Tahoe (where we would pick up Jiri) at 1:30pm. Pooh drove her car and we followed in our rental. Van Ness was packed with cars. We spent the next two hours (and 50 miles) in stop and go traffic. When we had left the Bay Area it got better. But then suddenly it got very, very crowded again. This was due to rerouting because of two crashed trucks that blocked off another highway. Most of the rest of the way was spent in thick traffic. It was very tiring. Instead of 3.5 hours it took us 6 hours to get to South Lake Tahoe. When we finally got there we picked up Jiri from his hotel and went to dinner at a pretty good Mexican restaurant in the basement of one of the big casino-hotels there. Around 10pm we proceeded south towards Mono Lake. We arrived in Lee Vining (a little town right next to Mono Lake) around 12:30am. By that time we were really tired and fell asleep right away.

Tripometer: 327.5 miles

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Thursday, 27 March 2003

Back and gone again

Monday night we came back from LA. We had lots of fun on this weekend trip. On Thursday we met up with David at his workplace to take the BART to Hayward where Jesse would pick us up. Turns out the day after the beginning of a war is not the best time to try to go to downtown San Francisco. The bus stopped before it reached Market St because Market St was crowded with protesters. So we had to walk the rest of the way with our big bags. We were almost half an hour late. But it's good that people are protesting. So we didn't complain. The rest of the trip went very smooth: Jesse picked us up at Hayward station and drove us to her house where we picked up Linnea and then we were on our way. We took Interstate 5 down to LA where we arrived around 10:30pm. Jesse and Linnea dropped us off at our hotel in Santa Monica (I think) and continued on to Jesse's sister Barbara's place where they were staying. David, Mikey and I got us some booze from the liquor store and then played some games before going to bed.

On Friday Jesse, Linnea, Barbara and her boyfriend Frank picked us up and we all drove to Venice Beach where we walked along the beach for a while and then into town for a pizza. Later we went back to the beach and met up with Chad who lives close by. We also walked along part of the channel that is still left. I wouldn't say no to a house there. Very beautiful area. We got stalked by ducks there. They just kept following us wherever we went. It was pretty cool. After that we went to some restaurant to have a couple of drinks. They also offered free Nacho chips and salsa. Nice :) Then we went to Barabara and Frank's place where Frank showed us some of the comercials he had made (he is a director). His stuff was great. I'm just hoping he'll be able to sell those. I want to see cool commercials like that on TV. In the evening we met up with Jesse's other sister Ann in an Indian restaurant where we had very good food. Then Jesse, Chad, David, Mikey and I picked up Chad's roommate Chloe, got some booze and drove back to our hotel where we played games until 4am or so. Actually I stopped playing around 2 myself because my arm hurt and it was painful holding cards.

Saturday we met up with everybody again and first drove to Ann's place. She lives in a beautiful old house with high ceilings that immediately reminded me of our place in Berlin. Ann joined us on our trip to the Hollywood cemetery. On the cemetary we were attacked by geese. One of the employees there told us that were just trying to protect their nest and that they are usually very friendly. He had even given them names, so I guess they've lived in that little pond for a while... In the evening we met up with Mike, an online aquaintance of ours, in a Mexican restaurant. The food was nothing special but the Margheritas were good :) After that we went to Barbara's place again to watch LA Story (very funny movie about LA cliches) and to play with the costumes and costume accessories Barbara had at her house (she's a costume designer). Fun!

On Sunday we had originally planned to go to Magic Mountain (a theme park with lots of cool roller coasters) but I couldn't have gone on the really fun rides because I wouldn't have been able to hold on with my left arm. So the others decided that we should all go to Disneyland. Unfortunately the ride that Barbara had made the costumes for was closed. We had lots of fun there though. I used to think that Disneyland was only fun for children but that's not true.
They have this new fast pass system there that allows you to take a special, much less crowded line if you have a fast pass for that ride. You can never have more than one fast pass at the same time but once you've used up your pass you can get a new one. It saved us a LOT of time at the Indiana Jones ride (which was extremely well done. They even had the rolling rock). All the rides were okay with my arm even though the jerky ones like Space Mountain hurt a bit. The other thing that's extremely cool about Disneyland is that they are open until 11pm. David bought each of us one of those glowing rope thingies. It was fun playing with these and also much easier to find one another in the dark. We met up for dinner with Linnea's roommates in a restaurant in Disney village and then drove back home.

The next day we got up early because we wanted to take the longer but much nicer 1/101 back up north. The drive was fun. Jesse and Linnea had to pick up Jesse's son from school, so they brought us to the Caltrain station in San Rafael. We were lucky and a train arrived just when we got there. We took that to San Francisco and then the bus home.

Mikey and I are going to rent a car tomorrow and join Pooh on her way to Tahoe where we'll pick up Pooh's friend Jiri (who has been skiing there for the past week). Then we'll go to Mono Lake where we'll stay the night to watch the sunrise there (which I've been told is beautiful). Then we'll drive on to Death Valley where we'll spend the rest of the day. Mikey and I will then go on to Las Vegas which we'll use as a starting point for a canyon and national park tour, Pooh and Jiri will go towards Yosemite.

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Thursday, 20 March 2003

Wrap up

On Saturday Jesse came over and all of us (Brina, Jesse, David, Mikey, me) went to Japantown. Jesse got some cool toys for her kids and some anime DVDs, David got a new cover for his cellphone (a transparent one) and the first season of Ranma on DVD. I of course couldn't resist and bought a cute little Totoro keychain. Mikey and I also bought three more volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub. We also browsed through a couple of pottery shops. I loved all the little dishes and cups. I was tempted to buy some but there were just so many that I liked that I couldn't decide on one so I bought nothing.

We had a late lunch in on of the restaurants in the mall. Their ramen noodle soup with homemade noodles was very good. David had a Japanese omelet that had something very thinnly shredded on top. Those shredded thingies (no clue what they were) moved in the heat waves. It looked as if his food was alive. Cool. After that we went to the Japanese supermarket to look at all the crazy stuff they sell there and to try to figure out what they sell you. That was fun. I bought some Guava juice that was quite good. Jesse stayed for a couple of games. A perfect day :)

Sunday David and Brina's friend Halsted came over. We played games, watched a movie (The Big Blue), then Halsted made a very yummy dinner for us. We watched Eddie Izzard while eating.

On Monday I took a shower all by myself for the first time since I broke my arm. It was quite exhausting and also quite difficult (there are certain parts of your body that are quite hard to reach if you can only use one arm) but I was very proud of myself. Later that day Mikey and I took the bus down to Divisadero to check out a comic book store in search of European comics (which we wanted to give David for his birthday to show him the kind of comics we used to read when we were kids). They didn't have what we came there for but of course I didn't leave empty handed. I bought a couple of Dork Tower comics which are harder to get in Germany.

Tuesday Mikey and I took the BART out to Berkeley to check out a comic book store near the university in hopes of finding some European comics there. When we came out of the BART station the first thing we saw was a game store. Of course we couldn't walk past that. They didn't have too many boardgames but we found Pyramidis there, a game that Randy showed us when we were in Chicago. It's a nice little strategy game that is easy to learn and also out of print so we were very pleased to find it there.

The comic store turned out to be really good. They had lots of comics and comic related books. Plus they did have quite a nice collection of TinTin comics. Unfortunately there weren't that many other European comics. We did manage to get an "Asterix" and a "Lucky Luke" in addition to the TinTins though. The comic store owner was a gamer too so we chatted about games for a while before we left. Nice guy :)

We had lunch in an Indian fast food restaurant which was pretty good. Then we decided to enjoy the very nice weather some more and walked across the campus of the University of Berkeley. What a nice campus. Almost makes me want to go back to school and pursue a PhD. We went up the Campanile which offered a great view of the Bay Area. We could even see the city. Very cool. We sat down on a lawn there to relax in the sun and do some people watching. When we stepped out of the BART station back in the city it was much chillier. It's really astonishing how much warmer it is in the East Bay. In the evening Jesse came over with two friends and we had Sushi and played a game later. That was a great day.

We'll meet up with David in 2.5 hours and then we'll take the Bart to Hayward where Jesse will pick us up. Then we'll join her and Linnea on a short trip to LA to visit Jesse's sister Ann. While we're down there we'll see Chad again and do some sightseeing. So that should be good :) We'll be back Monday evening...

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Saturday, 15 March 2003



Above as promised my xrays. On the left me, happy. The middle shows me from the inside being in a lot of pain (fortunately they gave me some morphine shortly after this was taken). As you can see, my arm broke right where the wrist guard ended. On the right me, fixed. I was still totally passed out from the surgery when they took this. I don't remember it at all. So now I have this nice metal plate and six screws in my arm. I wonder how many metal detectors I'll set off with this...

On Thursday I went to see a doctor here. Doctor Louie was a very nice guy and we chatted about skiing and snowboarding. He cut all the bandages and stuff from my arm and I saw it unwrapped for the first time after surgery. It actually didn't look all that bad. I had expected it to be all green and blue but surprisingly it wasn't. The length of my arm along the radius shines in a nice yellow hue that speaks of a big ass bruise deep in my arm though. It does hurt quite a bit to touch that part of my arm.

Anyway, the cut on my arm is about 10cm long. Doctor Louie removed the little metal clamps that closed the wound. While he was doing that I started feeling dizzy and began to see black dots. So I lay down for the rest of the procedure. I was very surprised that my body was threating to pass out now and hadn't done so at all when the accident had happened. Strange. They sat me in a wheelchair and Michi wheeled me to radiology to have some good xrays on real film (instead of the digital ones I had) done. While I was waiting there I started to feel better and could then walk back to Dr Louie's office. It's amazing how fast they have those xrays developed. It took them 2 minutes for the original and the xray copies to be done.

The new film xrays are really cool. You can see exactly where the bones are broken. It's fascinating. The really good news is that because the metal plate holds the radius together and the shattered pieces of bone near my wrist are quite well supported by the sinews in that area I don't need a cast. Instead I just have to wear a wrist support similar to the wrist guard I was wearing at the time of the accident, only longer and better in terms of support. I'm a little dissappointed about not getting a cast because there's nothing my friends can doodle on now. But in the end the wrist support offers me much more freedom of movement and I'm already starting to take my arm out of the sling from time to time. So that is very good.

In other news, we saw Adaptation, a movie by director Spike Jonze and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (the people who did "Being John Malkovic") yesterday. It's a very interesting movie that I won't talk about here for fear of accidentally giving away spoilers...

Oh and on Wednesday we saw "Bang the Machine" at the Asian American film festival here. It's a documentation about guys playing in Street Fighter tournaments and eventually going to Japan to battle the Japanese team. I liked the film. The only thing that pissed me off were some people in the audience who were obviously no gamers and made fun of the people in the film as if they were superior beings or something.

Yesterday there was a poll on SFGate about how to deal with war-related anxiety. Over 50% answered that turning off the TV would be the best way to do it. 17% were for emigrating to Canada. Tehehe. I like San Franciscoans :)

Yesterday night it rained cats and dogs and today the sun is shining again. I love ethat. In Berlin if it rains one day it'll rain the next 5 days...

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Thursday, 13 March 2003


So snowboarding at Squaw Valley was a lot of fun until I broke my wrist. It was the last run of the day and I was only a couple hundred meters away from the bottom of the slope. It was also quite dark already and I just couldn't see that bump and the next thing I know is me lying on my back looking in disbelief at my left hand which suddenly stuck out of the rest of my arm at a weird angle. It hurt like nothing I have ever experienced before. I immediately knew it was broken but I just couldn't believe it.

Anyway, a skier arrived and asked me if I was okay and when I told him I wasn't he called for help. The Ski Patrol arrived and took my glove and wrist protector off, which hurt like hell. Then they put a splint on my arm for protection and drove me to the first aid station with a snowmobile. Everybody was being awfully nice and funny which really helped make me feel comfortable. I was in a lot of pain though and said fuck a lot because it was really the only word that seemed appropriate for this situation and it also made me feel better for a fraction of a second after I said it. One of the ski patrol guys said he wasn't offended at all as people in Australia (where he was from) say fuck all the time :)

They x-rayed my wrist. It hurt a lot, especially when they moved my arm to get pictures from all angles. I honestly was surprised by how much it hurt. I kept waiting for the shock t come and take away some of the pain as it had done when I broke my ribs 7 years ago. But the shock didn't come. The x-rays showed them that they couldn't do anything about it and that in fact it was very likely that I would need surgery to get it fixed. One of the bones in my forearm (the radius) was completely snapped in two. So they sent me to the nearest hospital for further treatment. They were really nice and made sure the hospital knew all about my case before they sent me there.

Pooh, Michi, David and Chad drove me to the hospital. We didn't have to wait very long but for the umpteenth time that day I had to give people my personal information and info about the accident. They kept asking the same questions over and over again. I wonder if they also do that if you're in more distress than I was...

Anyway the orthopedic came and first tried to stretch my arm by putting my fingers in fingertraps and putting weights on my ellbow. The purpose of this was to see if the bone pieces would stay in place on their own. I'm glad they had given me pain medication by then. Anyway, the stretching and pushing in the right place didn't work so they said there was no way I would get around surgery. Fortunately they were able to do it right away. The bad news was that a little bone near the wrist (maybe a part of th joint?) was pretty much completely shattered into small pieces. The orthopedic didn't think he could do anything about it because the parts were too small to put pins through. He said I would need to see a hand surgeon back in San Francisco about this because he was no hand specialist himself. Great, I thought.

Pooh and Mikey came in to help me change into one of these hospital gowns and to keep me company until they were ready for me. I chose local anaesthisia rather than general. Whatever they gave me, they said it would make me a little tired but also happy and a little chatty. Turned out I totally passed out from the stuff (go figure). I vaguely remember talking to them, but I have no idea what I said and later I forgot to ask the doctor if I had done anything embarrassing. Oh well, probably better if I don't know ;)

My friends insisted on waiting for me until the surgery was done even though they had a lot of trouble fining a hotel room because it was so late. Really the first thing I remember after the doctor said he would give give me that sleepy stuff was my friends waiting for me in my room. It was great to know they were there for me. Thank you again guys!!

I didn't sleep all that much during the night which was partly because they came checking on me every two hours to take my temperature and blood pressure and stuff. But also because I had to go to the bathroom a lot because they gave me fluids (among other things) IV. Everybody kept telling me that whoever put that IV in my arm pit didn't think because the regular place for that is the back of your hand as it'll bother you less there. Ah well, it was only there for the night so it wasn't that bad. Although my armpit still hurts a little today.

Anyway, whenever I needed to go to the bathroom I had to call a nurse to help me untangle me from all the stuff I was hooked up to (oxygen, blood oxygen monitor and pressure stockings) and hook me back up when I was done. I hated having to call them for that all the time but better than having to pee in a pan I guess...

In the morning my doctor came by to tell me that everything worked out fine and I now had a etal plate and a couple of screws in my arm. The best news was that even the little pieces of bone next to my wrist had just fallen back into place when he opened it so I wouldn't need a hand surgeon after all. So that was really good. Later that morning my friends came to pick me up and we drove back to San Francisco. In the evening we played a couple of games and watched some TV. Before going to bed Michi bathed me, which took about an hour. We're getting better at it though and now it only takes us half an hour. I just hope that I'll be able to do it myself soon. Michi takes such good care of me but I feel bad for exploiting him like this.

Currently I try to take as few of the pain pills they gave me as possible because I don't want to have to deal with withdrawal when I stop taking them. On Thursday I'll see an orthopedic here in San Francisco. I hope the swelling will be gone by then so he can replace the splint with a real cast. I'm hoping that this will be the first step towards more freedom of movement and maybe I can even get rid of the sling later because that really strains my neck. Also I can then have all my friends doodle on it.

Okay enough for now. Writing this entry took me two afternoons. Maybe I should write shorter entries until I can use my other hand again...

I'll upload my x-ray pictures later so you can admire my work (destroying my arm) and the doctor's work (rebuilding it)...

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Saturday, 8 March 2003


We'll go snowboarding with David, Pooh and Chad (who drove up here from Los Angeles all night!!). Yay!! Be back after the weekend.

On another note:

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Friday, 7 March 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... my friend Steff! Hope you're having a great time!

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If you haven't done so in a while it's a good idea to check out Popcap Games again. I've just spent the last 45 minutes playing Word Shark a fun typing game where you have to type words to defeat sharks and piranhas. It's lots of fun. Every level is more demanding than the one before, because they keep throwing meaner sharks at you. I made it to level 19 with roughly 1.240.000 points at normal difficulty on my first try. Now my fingers feel like rubber.

Also worth checking out is Candy Train, a fun little action puzzle game where you try to keep your train on the tracks while collecting stuff. Dynomite is a Busta Moves clone and also a lot of fun.

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Thursday, 6 March 2003


On Monday Michi and I went fishing. We didn't really feel like doing anything so we dug into David's big box of Dreamcast games and came out with Sega Bass Fishing plus the original fishing controller. We spent hours with this game. You really wouldn't think that such a game is fun. But it is :) Later I also tried out Jet Grind Radio which seems to be quite fun. Plus I love the graphics.

Tuesday was a very busy day. I spent the morning doing research for my dad to find out which laptop fits his needs best. In the early afternoon we left for downtown to finally go to SFMOMA. And this time we actually made it :) Plus it was Free Tuesday which was nice. The museum is really good. I did like quite a few of the pieces exhibited there. My favorite exhibition was the Andreas Gursky exhibition. It consisted of HUGE photos (some of them several meters wide and/or high). The most stunning thing about the photos was their incredible detail. It's really hard to describe. But the photos were so detailed they looked surreal. I still don't know how he did it. There must be some kind of trick to them. I figured out the Stock Exchange one, which he pieced together out of a couple of smaller pictures. But most of the other ones...

After that we took a bus down to Mission Bay to check out another sports store (Sports Basement) to see if they sold all the parts Pooh needs to mount a roof rack and snowboard carrier on her car. It was quite an adventure getting there because the store is in an old factory building in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing except construction in the area. And of course the nearest bus stop is quite a hike away. Also the bus we took had to take a detour because the road it usually takes is closed off for construction. So we ended up pretty far away from the store.

We finally made it there. The store is huge and pretty amazing. We found everything Pooh needs except the special fit kit that you need to actually attach the thing to a car. And of course you need a different kit for every car. I also found a winter/snowboard jacket that I liked quite a bit. I've been toying with the idea of buying a jacket that I could use for snowboarding and that at the same time would be warm enought that I could wear it in winter in Berlin. Michi talked me out of buying it though because he didn't really like it and thought it was too expensive. I'm still trying to decide wether I want to thank him for that or curse him :)

The walk back was also quite an adventure because we had to walk 20-30 minutes along streets, that were clearly not meant to be walked along, before we found a bus stop that would take us closer to home. At least we found out where Macromedia and Sega are located :) It took us almost two hours to get home from the store. We rewarded ourselves with a huge order of burritos and nachos from a Mexican place on Balboa.

Today (Wednesday) we worked on a website that will help us pay off this vacation. Pooh came over this evening and I made Chili con Queso for all of us after a recipe from a cookbook David has. It was quite yummy.

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So Sunday was my birthday. Michi went through a lot of work to find me a copy of one of my favorite children books, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", but with a twist: It's the Japanese language edition. It would've been very hard to find this in Germany. Fortunately San Francisco has Japantown and the excellent Kinokuniya Bookstore. Even then it was not easy to get the book because Michi of course didn't know the Japanese title of the book and the book store's computer system was in Japanese. But finally they managed to work it out and they even had a copy of the book there :) This is such a cool present! I hope I can start learning Japanese soon, so I can read the book some day.

Brina and David gave me a book called "The Art of Totoro", which has lots of sketches that were made for the movie and it looks like there's also a lot of background information in there. It's also in Japanese though and it looks like it's more complicated to read than the Caterpillar book. So I better start learning that language soon :) Oh and also the book was wrapped in a huge, blue blanket in a way that it look like the little acorn package big Totoro gave the girls at the bus stop. That was so neat! I love the book and the blanket.

We spent the afternoon and early evening at Jesse and Chris' place. They had invited us for a barbeceue. We had lots of fun chatting with them and playing with their two sons and their two puppies. And the food was very good. Brina had baked a cake for me, so Jesse put 26 candles on it for me to blow out. Jesse also gave me a Totoro DVD. Yay! Chris is a game developer for Maxis, working on the newest Sims game for the Playstation. As this is Michi's and my dream job, we talked quite a bit about developing games. It was very interesting to talk with somebody who actually works in the industry. Sigh, I wish I could work as a game developer. Later that evening David, Michi and I watched the prequel to Babylon 5 that's on the first DVD. It was actually very interesting. We'll now proceed to watch the first season.

Okay, gotta stop now. Need to make dinner. I'll write more later today...

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Sunday, 2 March 2003

Got it

So we did get MOO3 eventually on Thursday. I haven’t played it yet and Michi isn’t sure wether he likes it or not. Aparently it does show promise. It’s just that it has some bugs and strange quirks. But fortunately the game is highly modable and already there are lots of mods popping up on the net.

So Thursday, after we bought MOO3 (and preordered the new Zelda for GameCube. Wheee) we sat down in the sun on Union Square to do some people watching and read (Michi read the MOO3 manual and I Ender’s Game). Thursday evening we had sushi with David and Brina. We have concluded that we need sushi at least once a week. And it’s so cheap here (one of the few things that are ;).

Friday I woke up really early, around 8:15am and managed not to fall asleep again. I like getting up early. Anyway the next hour or so was spent listening to Michi telling me what he didn’t like about MOO3 :) Later that morning we did our laundry and then went down to Ocean Beach to read a bit and sit in the sun. We walked down Balboa and when we got close to the beach we saw a flight of stairs going up the cliff towards the Sutro property. It looked very pretty with blooming iceplants (not sure if that’s the official name, it’s this cactus-like, but without spikes, shrub growing close to the ocean) and other flowers so we went up there and found a nice vantage point on top of a dune/cliff. From there we could see a guy down on the beach drawing what looked like a huge snail-shell on the beach. We were lucky that we went up there. I doubt we would’ve seen it from below. It was really interesting. He must have used a rope to draw the shell so precisely. Then he used a broom and a rake to flesh it out. So we sat there for a while, watching him do his art and reading. After an hour or so we were pretty cold though because of the wind so we decided to hike further up the cliff.

It’s really nice that all the recreational areas here have all these little paths that you can explore. You’re never really sure if you’re actually supposed to be there but then you see footsteps in the sand and realize countless people have done this before you and you feel a little better. We had a lot of fun walking along those paths and from time to time seeing the artist on the beach and his snail-shell again. Finally we arrived at the top in Sutro Park. It was very pretty up there and the view was great. The snail guy was still not finished with his project even though hours had passed so we walked all the way to the top where the old Sutro mansion once stood and sat down on a bench to read some more. I finished Ender’s Game there. Then we got cold again so we went back to a spot where we could see the snail-shell. The guy still wasn’t quite done but we decided not to wait it out. We took some pictures though.

We took the bus back home. Later that evening we went to Benihana in Japantown with Brina, David and Pooh. It is one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook at your table and make this nice show out of it by doing all sorts of neat tricks and juggling with their kitchen utensils. The food and drinks were very good and we had lots of fun there. Back home we played some games and I spilled Gin&Tonic on David’s copy of Galaxy. I felt very bad about this because I knew how I would feel if somebody spilled stuff on one of my games. Fortunately we managed to save the cards and you can only see the damage if you look very closely and know what to look for. But still….

Saturday was Game Day, so we went shopping with David in the morning. Then Michi and I made a fruit salad which turned out quite nicely, if I say so myself. Shortly after we were done with that Jennie, Sam and Gwen arrived and then John and Kelly. This Game Day was smaller than the last one (which had like 13 people). The first game that got voted on was Outpost, which took us the better part of the day to finish. Kelly’s car broke down on the way to get dinner. That really sucked. I hope it was indeed only because it ran out of gas and nothing serious. Later Jennie and Kelly left to go dancing. During an Outpost break Michi, David, Brina and I played Blokus. The rest of us (David, John, Michi, Sam and me) then finished Outpost. Then we played Fist of Dragonstones and then Trans America. Then everybody left, so Michi, David and me slouched on the couch and talked. Michi also gave me my birthday present as it was after midnight, but I’ll write more about that in another entry as this one is already much too long…

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