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Thursday, 6 March 2003


On Monday Michi and I went fishing. We didn't really feel like doing anything so we dug into David's big box of Dreamcast games and came out with Sega Bass Fishing plus the original fishing controller. We spent hours with this game. You really wouldn't think that such a game is fun. But it is :) Later I also tried out Jet Grind Radio which seems to be quite fun. Plus I love the graphics.

Tuesday was a very busy day. I spent the morning doing research for my dad to find out which laptop fits his needs best. In the early afternoon we left for downtown to finally go to SFMOMA. And this time we actually made it :) Plus it was Free Tuesday which was nice. The museum is really good. I did like quite a few of the pieces exhibited there. My favorite exhibition was the Andreas Gursky exhibition. It consisted of HUGE photos (some of them several meters wide and/or high). The most stunning thing about the photos was their incredible detail. It's really hard to describe. But the photos were so detailed they looked surreal. I still don't know how he did it. There must be some kind of trick to them. I figured out the Stock Exchange one, which he pieced together out of a couple of smaller pictures. But most of the other ones...

After that we took a bus down to Mission Bay to check out another sports store (Sports Basement) to see if they sold all the parts Pooh needs to mount a roof rack and snowboard carrier on her car. It was quite an adventure getting there because the store is in an old factory building in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing except construction in the area. And of course the nearest bus stop is quite a hike away. Also the bus we took had to take a detour because the road it usually takes is closed off for construction. So we ended up pretty far away from the store.

We finally made it there. The store is huge and pretty amazing. We found everything Pooh needs except the special fit kit that you need to actually attach the thing to a car. And of course you need a different kit for every car. I also found a winter/snowboard jacket that I liked quite a bit. I've been toying with the idea of buying a jacket that I could use for snowboarding and that at the same time would be warm enought that I could wear it in winter in Berlin. Michi talked me out of buying it though because he didn't really like it and thought it was too expensive. I'm still trying to decide wether I want to thank him for that or curse him :)

The walk back was also quite an adventure because we had to walk 20-30 minutes along streets, that were clearly not meant to be walked along, before we found a bus stop that would take us closer to home. At least we found out where Macromedia and Sega are located :) It took us almost two hours to get home from the store. We rewarded ourselves with a huge order of burritos and nachos from a Mexican place on Balboa.

Today (Wednesday) we worked on a website that will help us pay off this vacation. Pooh came over this evening and I made Chili con Queso for all of us after a recipe from a cookbook David has. It was quite yummy.

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