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Thursday, 6 March 2003


So Sunday was my birthday. Michi went through a lot of work to find me a copy of one of my favorite children books, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", but with a twist: It's the Japanese language edition. It would've been very hard to find this in Germany. Fortunately San Francisco has Japantown and the excellent Kinokuniya Bookstore. Even then it was not easy to get the book because Michi of course didn't know the Japanese title of the book and the book store's computer system was in Japanese. But finally they managed to work it out and they even had a copy of the book there :) This is such a cool present! I hope I can start learning Japanese soon, so I can read the book some day.

Brina and David gave me a book called "The Art of Totoro", which has lots of sketches that were made for the movie and it looks like there's also a lot of background information in there. It's also in Japanese though and it looks like it's more complicated to read than the Caterpillar book. So I better start learning that language soon :) Oh and also the book was wrapped in a huge, blue blanket in a way that it look like the little acorn package big Totoro gave the girls at the bus stop. That was so neat! I love the book and the blanket.

We spent the afternoon and early evening at Jesse and Chris' place. They had invited us for a barbeceue. We had lots of fun chatting with them and playing with their two sons and their two puppies. And the food was very good. Brina had baked a cake for me, so Jesse put 26 candles on it for me to blow out. Jesse also gave me a Totoro DVD. Yay! Chris is a game developer for Maxis, working on the newest Sims game for the Playstation. As this is Michi's and my dream job, we talked quite a bit about developing games. It was very interesting to talk with somebody who actually works in the industry. Sigh, I wish I could work as a game developer. Later that evening David, Michi and I watched the prequel to Babylon 5 that's on the first DVD. It was actually very interesting. We'll now proceed to watch the first season.

Okay, gotta stop now. Need to make dinner. I'll write more later today...

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