Friday, 28 March 2003

SF -> Lee Vining

This is the report of the first day of our roadtrip. I backdated the entry to make it easier to reconstruct...

We got up after 5 hours of sleep to do our laundry, buy supplies for the trip and pack our stuff. Around noon we picked up our rental car from Avis. We got an Oldsmobile Alora, a car I had never heard of before. But it's got everything we need: CD player, cruise control, air conditioning, a big trunk and enough horsepower that mountains are no problem. So we are quite satisfied with it.

We left for Tahoe (where we would pick up Jiri) at 1:30pm. Pooh drove her car and we followed in our rental. Van Ness was packed with cars. We spent the next two hours (and 50 miles) in stop and go traffic. When we had left the Bay Area it got better. But then suddenly it got very, very crowded again. This was due to rerouting because of two crashed trucks that blocked off another highway. Most of the rest of the way was spent in thick traffic. It was very tiring. Instead of 3.5 hours it took us 6 hours to get to South Lake Tahoe. When we finally got there we picked up Jiri from his hotel and went to dinner at a pretty good Mexican restaurant in the basement of one of the big casino-hotels there. Around 10pm we proceeded south towards Mono Lake. We arrived in Lee Vining (a little town right next to Mono Lake) around 12:30am. By that time we were really tired and fell asleep right away.

Tripometer: 327.5 miles

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[Comments Link]  1. Posted by randomlife on 1 April, 2003 02:19 CET

Well, with all that traffic it’s a good thing you managed to get a rental car with a CD player.

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