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Thursday, 20 March 2003

Wrap up

On Saturday Jesse came over and all of us (Brina, Jesse, David, Mikey, me) went to Japantown. Jesse got some cool toys for her kids and some anime DVDs, David got a new cover for his cellphone (a transparent one) and the first season of Ranma on DVD. I of course couldn't resist and bought a cute little Totoro keychain. Mikey and I also bought three more volumes of Lone Wolf and Cub. We also browsed through a couple of pottery shops. I loved all the little dishes and cups. I was tempted to buy some but there were just so many that I liked that I couldn't decide on one so I bought nothing.

We had a late lunch in on of the restaurants in the mall. Their ramen noodle soup with homemade noodles was very good. David had a Japanese omelet that had something very thinnly shredded on top. Those shredded thingies (no clue what they were) moved in the heat waves. It looked as if his food was alive. Cool. After that we went to the Japanese supermarket to look at all the crazy stuff they sell there and to try to figure out what they sell you. That was fun. I bought some Guava juice that was quite good. Jesse stayed for a couple of games. A perfect day :)

Sunday David and Brina's friend Halsted came over. We played games, watched a movie (The Big Blue), then Halsted made a very yummy dinner for us. We watched Eddie Izzard while eating.

On Monday I took a shower all by myself for the first time since I broke my arm. It was quite exhausting and also quite difficult (there are certain parts of your body that are quite hard to reach if you can only use one arm) but I was very proud of myself. Later that day Mikey and I took the bus down to Divisadero to check out a comic book store in search of European comics (which we wanted to give David for his birthday to show him the kind of comics we used to read when we were kids). They didn't have what we came there for but of course I didn't leave empty handed. I bought a couple of Dork Tower comics which are harder to get in Germany.

Tuesday Mikey and I took the BART out to Berkeley to check out a comic book store near the university in hopes of finding some European comics there. When we came out of the BART station the first thing we saw was a game store. Of course we couldn't walk past that. They didn't have too many boardgames but we found Pyramidis there, a game that Randy showed us when we were in Chicago. It's a nice little strategy game that is easy to learn and also out of print so we were very pleased to find it there.

The comic store turned out to be really good. They had lots of comics and comic related books. Plus they did have quite a nice collection of TinTin comics. Unfortunately there weren't that many other European comics. We did manage to get an "Asterix" and a "Lucky Luke" in addition to the TinTins though. The comic store owner was a gamer too so we chatted about games for a while before we left. Nice guy :)

We had lunch in an Indian fast food restaurant which was pretty good. Then we decided to enjoy the very nice weather some more and walked across the campus of the University of Berkeley. What a nice campus. Almost makes me want to go back to school and pursue a PhD. We went up the Campanile which offered a great view of the Bay Area. We could even see the city. Very cool. We sat down on a lawn there to relax in the sun and do some people watching. When we stepped out of the BART station back in the city it was much chillier. It's really astonishing how much warmer it is in the East Bay. In the evening Jesse came over with two friends and we had Sushi and played a game later. That was a great day.

We'll meet up with David in 2.5 hours and then we'll take the Bart to Hayward where Jesse will pick us up. Then we'll join her and Linnea on a short trip to LA to visit Jesse's sister Ann. While we're down there we'll see Chad again and do some sightseeing. So that should be good :) We'll be back Monday evening...

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I miss you, Fish-Named-Edda!!


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