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Sunday, 30 June 2002

That's me right there

WM02SonyCenter.jpgYep. That's me. Watching football.

Germany lost but I'm not really that sad. The team played a great match. Probably their best of the whole tourney (except for that one fault by Kahn of all people. Poor guy). Nobody in Germany had expected the German team to get this far.

Had a lot of fun watching football there. Even though my back and feet began to hurt badly about halfway through the match. Now I'm just tired. I wonder if getting up at 6 on a Sunday morning has anything to do with that ;)

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that little dot right there

I managed to get up and am on my way to Sony Center. We found a webcam pointing at the inside (gets updated every 10 minutes or so). That's not where I intend to watch football from (it's too far from the screen) but maybe you'll see me wandering around :)

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Only 12 hours left

We've decided to try to get into Sony Center to watch the game. Sony Center has become *the* place to watch football in Berlin. There's also the World Cup studio of a big German TV station so I'll probably even be on TV. Yay :) Problem is they only admit 3000 people in there. We'll try to be there at 7 in the morning (game starts at 13:00). Which means I'm having about 5 hours of sleep left. Gotta go...

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Saturday, 29 June 2002

5 x goal

Wow. Korea - Turkey was quite a game. First goal after only 11 seconds. 1-2 after only 13 minutes. 2-3 in the end. Man...

Gotta go play some Age of Wonders 2 over LAN. Friends are waiting...

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Thursday, 27 June 2002

Damn, that's HOT!

If you like your food hot you might want to have a look at FireGirl's Hot Sauce Catalog. Their hot sauces range from hot to smokin' hot to scorchin' hot and off-the-scale hot. Their sauces have names like: Ass in Hell Hot Sauce, Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce, Brain Damage Hot Sauce and Rectal Revenge. Or simply E.R. :)

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Hate it!

Just got back from movie watching. Only wanted to quickly check my email before I go to bed. Got just one email. And it's spam. Gaaaaahhhh! Why can't they leave me the fck alone? Who is so dumb to respond to those things anyway?

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Wednesday, 26 June 2002

Germany - Brasil

So Brasil it is. We're going to have a hard time beating them. This will be the first time that a German team plays against a team from Brasil in the World Cup. These teams have *never* met in a World Cup. I find this quite astonishing...

Had it been Turkey - Germany we would have had a lot of fun here. Berlin is the largest turkish settlement outside Turkey. When Turkey advanced to the semi-final the streets were full of German Turks celebrating. When Germany advanced to the final the streets were full of Germans celebrating. Had both teams met on Sunday we would have had total chaos :)

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Tuesday, 25 June 2002


Woo hoo. Germany made it to the final round!!!

A tribute goes to Korea who made this tournament really worth watching! And I hope they'll win the match for third place!

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Schools closed

I heard on the radio that the schools will allow students to watch the semi-final between Germany and Korea today. Why didn't they do this when I was still in school? Well I think that was because at that time games were in the evening.

I'm beginning to think that Germany can actually reach the final. Maybe even win the whole thing. Before this world cup started nobody would have thought this could be possible. Granted, their last game against the USA wasn't great. But they won. And we have Kaaaaaaahhhhnnn the greatest goalie ever. I'm a little sad though that we have to defeat Korea in order to advance. I really like that team. They never give up. Never surrender. I like that. So should we lose against them I guess it would be okay with me. But only if they went on and won the the whole thing ;)

My brother told me to "have more confidence in our team goddamit or else..". So there.

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Monday, 24 June 2002

New mirror pic

Just uploaded a new mirror picture I took last week.

Should really go to bed now but I'm just not tired. I slept close to 4 hours this afternoon because I had a very bothering headache and couldn't get rid of it with aspirine (I think it was because of the weather changes we have had recently). So I put one of those cooling pad thingies on my forehead and slept. It helped but now I'm not tired. Michi just made me a Gin & Tonic which I hope helps making me tired (Usually works). In fact I do feel a little more tired than I did when I started this entry. So I guess I'll go to bed and maybe read for a bit...

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Sunday, 23 June 2002


pikmin_ad.jpgThis must be the coolest ad I have ever seen in a magazine. I tumbled to the ground twitching uncontrollably when I saw it. Well not really. But I love this ad!

Just as I like the game a lot. I'm very fond of my Pikmin and I cry like a baby when I lose one of them. When the ones you forgot come stumbling to the landing area mere seconds after you take off with your ship and then get eaten by predators and you have to watch and can't do anything about it. That's just too much...

Click picture to view bigger version...

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Friday, 21 June 2002

pulse: 180

What a nerve-wracking game. The German team can be glad to have won this game. They made the same mistake as in the game against Ireland. Letting themselves fall back and defend the goal with 11 people letting the opponent do their thing. But we won. Without Kahn (German goalie who saved at least 3 sure things) this could've gotten pretty nasty...

It's really unfortunate that England is out. I would've loved to see a Germany - England finale. But as I don't think Germany will make it to the final round anyhow it doesn't matter.

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Friday Five

Oh cool. The Friday Five are back.

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo? That would be an apartment. 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen.

2. Do you rent or own? Rent.

3. Does anyone else live with you? 3 roommates. A couple of mice came through the wall once and wanted to live with us too but they didn't want to pay their rent so we put up traps and then sealed the hole they came through.

4. How many times have you moved in your life?Let's see. When I was 19 I moved from the city I grew up in (Koblenz) to Karlsruhe to go to university. Stayed there for 3 years (moved from my tiny one room apartment to a bigger one after one year to live there together with my friends) and then moved to Berlin because Michi moved there and I didn't want to live that far apart (~650km). Continued university here. So I moved three times...

5. What are your plans for this weekend? Don't know yet. We had thought about going camping at the Baltic Sea over the weekend but then we would miss the World Cup. Also the weather is supposed to get worse so we're probably not going. Instead I plan on playing Pikmin and some other games all the time (when I don't watch football that is).

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Somebody found my site with this search string:

"pictures of me having dog sex"

Ewwww. Who would openly put such pictures on the internet anyway?

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Thursday, 20 June 2002

Little Gamers

I have found a new gaming related webcomic a couple of days ago. Well the comic itself is not actually new. But I didn't know it before. It's called Little Gamers and is very cute ...and shit. And I like it :)

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Wednesday, 19 June 2002

Can it be?

I think I'm in love with our new fridge. Every once in a while I have to go check on it to see if it's still cool and doing okay. I wished it a good night before I went to bed yesterday and asked how it had slept this morning.

Now that I think about it, it's unbelievable how we managed to live with the old crappy, nasty, icky one for over two years...

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It's HOT!

We had close to 40C today. Man. I had intended to go running today after work but it was just too freaking hot!

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Tuesday, 18 June 2002

Fridge Stories

When we got home Sunday night our roommate confessed that he had wrecked our fridge. It was a very old and crappy fridge which you had to defrost like once a month if you wanted to use the tiny built in freezer compartment. Of course we were too lazy to do that once a month which meant that we didn't have a freezer. You couldn't have used that darn thing for much more than making ice cubes anyhow. Not even a frozen pizza fit in there.

On the weekend Simon (the roommate) decided it was time to defrost it. So he turned it off and because the thick ice crust around the freezer compartment didn't melt fast enough for his taste he used a hammer and a screwdriver to chop off large chunks of ice. He was almost done when the screwdriver accidentally hit one of the cooling conduits and he got sprayed with cooling fluid. And that was the end of that fridge.

So Michi and I set out to buy a new fridge yesterday. We found a very cool one with a separate freezer compartment for a very good price. They could have delivered it but not before Wednesday. So we decided to transport it to our flat ourselves with the help of Foo. We managed to fit it in but the rear flap wouldn't close so we tied it down.

At home we first had to get the old fridge out of the cupboard it was built into. Neither the fridge nor the inside of that cupboard were a pretty sight. After seeing this I don't want to think about how our flat looked before we moved in. It must have been a complete mess. Anyhow, Michi volunteered to clean it (for which I'm eternally grateful). That job was almost as bad as cleaning up the bathroom after the toilet incident (but that is another story). So I cleaned the new fridge and then half dissassembled it to change the side the doors open to.

New fridge is in place now and it looks great :) Only problem is that it's bigger than the old one and we have to find a new place for our pots and pans now which used to live underneath the old fridge.

So in the end I even have to thank Simon for wrecking the old fridge. He should have done that years ago ;)

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Americans and football

I wonder how many Americans realize that their team has reached the quarter finals today. I found this great Dork Tower comic on this subject today. *g*

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Monday, 17 June 2002

Red-letter day

Today was a memorable day. The first time in my life I have slightly damaged a car (after over 7 years of driving safely without accident). We stopped at a McDonald's on our way back from our visit to Michi's family (it was his dad's 50th birthday). I was just backing into a parking space when suddenly there was this strange sound. It came from a rock (about 50cm in diameter protruding about 5cm into my parking space) scratching Foo's passenger door. Not very deep scratches but clearly visible. I coudn't see the darn rock in the mirrors.

I feel very bad about this :(

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Saturday, 15 June 2002


I saw a car from Great Britain on the autobahn yesterday with the wheel on the left side. Strange.

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Friday, 14 June 2002


This is inspired by Steve's vision of me kidnapping pikmin.
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Thursday, 13 June 2002


On our way back from sneak (they had decided on Unfaithful. Oh well...) suddenly Foo (the car) didn't cooperate anymore. It got stuck in third gear. And no matter what gear you chose you always ended up in third gear. Even reverse gear made the car go forward. Clutch still worked so we figured it had to be some kind of problem with the shift mechanism itself. We drove home in third gear and pushed the car backwards into a parking space.

Today we got up extra early and brought Foo to the garage next door to hopefully get it fixed. The friendly mechanics quickly found out that some ball joint got disconnected somehow (so the gear you chose didn't get translated to the gearbox). They fixed that and didn't even want any money for it. So we tipped them and drove off to be back in time for the second half of Brazil vs. Costa Rica (great game btw.).

I'm glad we got off that lightly this time (compared to last time). I do hope everything will be okay for a while now!

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday dear GBA! It's the GBA's first birthday today (or was it yesterday?).

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Wednesday, 12 June 2002

Why Argentina is out


A coworker just sent me this. Click on on the image to see a higher resolution version (with lots of compression artifacts but that's how I got it, can't do anything about it). Pay special attention to the expression on their faces *g*

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Tuesday, 11 June 2002


I just found out that the PSOne version of Metal Slug X will finally be released in Europe around the end of June. Woo hoo! Ever since I first saw somebody play this game I was in love with it. I am *so* going to buy this!

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So France lost. And they didn't just lose. They did not manage to shoot a single goal. Not one. I'm sad. It was so much fun to watch them play last World Cup and European Cup. This time it wasn't much fun to watch them.

It's Germany's turn to prove they deserve to go past the preliminary round in about 10 minutes. Usually I'm not very patriotic. But when it comes to sports I tend to root for my country.

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Huuuge Spiderman


This is the only picture I took at the Spider-Man midnight preview that is unblurry enough to be presentable. I think I'll carry my tripod around all the time from now on to be prepared next time. I might be lucky and the Spidermans are still there by the end of the week when I'll go to the shopping mall nearby to pick up Pikmin. I can't wait to play that again!

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Monday, 10 June 2002


Remember when we talked about the strange search strings people will find my site with if I use the word sex too often? Well it has happened. Somebody found my site searching for "simpsons having sex". People are weird....

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Sunday, 9 June 2002

I was right!

For the first time I have bet the right score for a World Cup game today. Finally! I'm sure now everything will get better...

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Friday, 7 June 2002

About that Afterburner

Now that I've had the chance to play my GBA with the Afterburner installed for a bit I can safely say that it was definitely worth the effort. It took Michi and me about 3 hours to install it because we were extra careful not to get any dust in there.

I finally continued to play Golden Sun and I'm really enjoying it. The Afterburner lights the screen up nicely and I don't have to pay attention to the lighting conditions anymore and can just play wherever I want without having to twist my head and/or arms in uncomfortable angles. The Afterburner does have some strange color effects if you look at the screen from certain angles but you only see them if you look for them. You don't notice them when you concentrate on the game.

The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the GBA's led turned red after only about 4 hours of playing. But the batteries don't seem to be drained yet. I think I have read about other people having that problem on the Afterburner forum. Apparently the GBA isn't used to that much power drain and calculates the remaining battery power wrong or something. Well it's not really a problem as I'm using rechargeable batteries...

For all Europeans out there: I ordered my Afterburner at and I can definitely recommend them. The Afterburner is a little more expensive than the Tritonlabs price but cheaper than Lik Sang (due to the high shipping costs from Hong Kong and customs in the EU). Portablegamer also include one of those super special tri-wing screwdrivers you need to open the GBA's case (making this part of the installation process very easy to do) and latex gloves and a sheet of paper that contains all the important manual changes and installation tips from the Afterburner forum. I'm very satisfied!

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Thursday, 6 June 2002


So I finally saw Spider-Man yesterday in the midnight preview and I must say I liked it. From the trailers I had expected more action but the lack of it during the first hour or so didn't bother me in the least. I liked how they slowly developed the story and how you could see Peter Parker slowly getting to know all his new abilities and fooling around with his net.

I also liked the humor. One of the scenes I liked best was when that big brute (I forget his name) tried to beat up Peter in school. And that one time he tries to punch him but misses and everything changes to slow motion and Peter looks up and down his arm in astonishment with this delighted look on his face. Great!

And his first outfit (the one he wears at the wrestling match) is just so cool. Everybody had expected it to be the cool Spider-Man costume he had drawn in his sketchbook before. But this one was so much better :)

Well worth seeing a second time.

Also they had decorated Sony Center (where the movie theater is located) with a huge (at least 10m) blow-up Spiderman hanging on the wall at the entrance to Sony Center and a second, life-size, Spiderman crouching in the fountain in the middle. I took pictures but I'm not sure how they turned out yet as I didn't have my tripod with me...

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Wednesday, 5 June 2002


A drugstore chain has this offer that for three days after every World Cup game of the German national team the customer gets a 5% discount on certain products for every goal the German team managed to shoot. I don't think they would have announced this had they known the German team would win 8-0 against Saudi-Arabia beforehand :)

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Tuesday, 4 June 2002


Yesterday we watched Brasil vs. Turkey (and missed the first half of our class because of it but it was quite worth it). It was a fun match to watch. Our neighbourhood consits almost completely of German Turks who are all very fond of football. When Turkey shot the 1-0 the whole neighbourhood erupted in cheers and somebody even had firecrackers (which woke up our roommate who came out of his room asking:"Has Turkey shot a goal or what is all this fuss about?"). Brasil quickly shot the 1-1 and then managed to win 2-1 shortly before the end. My bet was 1-1 and it was SO close. Man, I would have won a lot had it stayed 1-1. Darn.

I bought a new bikini yesterday at Nike Town. I love to browse through that store because everything there is so ....designed (for lack of a better word). I usually don't buy anything though. But I needed a new bikini as my old one (which I bought just last year) is falling to pieces (it was a pretty expensive one from a renowned manufacturer and I didn't use it that much, nor did I use it in salt water. So there's really no reason for it to fall apart. Well I guess I just won't buy that company's stuff anymore...). I hope the Nike one will last longer.

When we got home yesterday the road was blocked completely because a car coming out of a parking space had hit a passing bus right in front of our door. Our street is so narrow that nobody could pass. I bet the people riding the bus cursed the car driver for making them walk to the next tram station (15 minutes walking distance)...

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*bounce bounce*


Guess what! Our Afterburners finally arrived here today. Michi and I spent the whole evening installing this little sucker on his Gameboy. We had a few problems with cutting the case to fit the Afterburner and the brightness dial (it took us at least 2 hours to do that) and two times a wire we had soldered to the GBA's mainboard broke off and we had to solder it back. Apart from that (and having to fight dust a lot) everything went smoothly. Even laminating the anti-reflective film to the LCD (which most people seem to find the hardest part) went well. When we were reassembling the GBA we suddenly noticed that we had put the LCD back on the wrong way. It was kind of hard to get it back off and I thought that we had ruined everything now. But we were lucky and it worked out. It's an almost perfect install I'd say. No bubbles or dust under the AR film.

It was midnight when we were finished with Michi's GBA so we didn't start installing my Afterburner. We'll do that tomorrow (cross your fingers that it'll work as good as the first one!).


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Monday, 3 June 2002


Submitted three more pictures to the Mirror Project:

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Sunday, 2 June 2002


We played Beach Volleyball today for the first time this year. I had a lot of fun but now everything hurts. My arms just aren't used to being assaulted by mean volleyballs all the time. Also it seems you use different muscles in your legs playing Volleyball than you use if you run. Cause some of my leg muscles are sore. But it was worth it.

A co-worker gave me two Euro coins from Ireland where she had visited a friend last week. And also a Spanish and an Italian one. It was so cool of her to think of me. I didn't even ask her to bring me the coins. *happy*

Germany won 8-0 against Saudi-Arabia today. Everybody expected a win. But 8-0 is truly something else....

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