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Friday, 31 May 2002

World Cup

The World Cup has finally started. It began with quite a surprise with France (the old world champion) losing to Senegal. I'm taking part in two betting games as events like this are much more fun to watch if there's some money involved. Of course I placed my bet on France. Dang. Well I'll just have to make up for it in the next games.

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New pics

It's been a long time that I posted new pictures. That was not due to lack of pictures but due to my lazyness. Well I've tricked my weaker self into posting some new pictures.

Mirror and Shadow:
Mirror 1, Mirror 2, Mirror 3

Ostrich Eggs, Old House, Fire 1, Fire 2, Still Live 1, Still Live 2, Fishies


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Thursday, 30 May 2002


spiderman.jpgThey can force me to wait months before I can see Spider-Man.

They can even do a Germany premiere with all the stars and a huge blow up spiderman hanging on the theater’s walls without telling me.

But they can’t do anything against me eating Spider-Man cereal!
All the little pieces have spiders on them. w00t!


I’m okay. Thank you. No I don’t need any sedatives.

What are those guys in the white uniforms doing here?

Hey, wait!


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Tuesday, 28 May 2002


Yesterday was the Germany premiere of Spider-Man here in Berlin. Everybody was there: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Willem Dafoe. They even had a huge blow-up Spiderman hanging on a wall of Sony Center which I'm sure looked very cool.


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The Afterburner has finally arrived in Europe. We just ordered one each at They promise a 24h delivery and even include one of those super-special tri-wing screwdrivers that you need to open up your GBA. I can't wait! I am a little nervous about the installation process as many people seem to have had problems. But the Afterburner installation forum offers a lot of help in this matter. I think with the tips people posted there I won't have that many problems installing the kits. I'm quite good at craft type stuff. Actually I'm more concerned about dust particles getting under the Afterburner.

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Monday, 27 May 2002

Internet Down

My internet was down over the weekend. Fortunately it has come back this afternoon just when I was about to call my provider and tell them what I think of this. It's quite slow currently but at least I can surf and read my email. Sometimes I really hate being the customer of a monopolist.

Jogging today didn't go all that well. Might have been because I was shopping for clothes before my run. Shopping is exhaustive for feet. At least my shopping tour was succesfull. I bought myself a pair of very cool 3/4 pants.

Saw Episode II again on the weekend and I still like it. I am tempted to go see it again in a theater with digital projectors. I heard it is much better in its digital form. The analog copies we have seen were quite blurry. Unfortunately the only theater in Berlin which has digital technology shows it in the dubbed German version. *sigh* I'll think about this some more...

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Friday, 24 May 2002

Friday Five

1. What's the last vivid dream that you remember having? That must have been the one from a couple of days ago: I was in a pretty dark room with a couple of people I knew (friends or family probably). We all had flashlights because it was so dark. At the far end of the room there was some kind of elevated platform. Somebody (my dad?) was up there and suddenly there were small shadows scurrying around all over the platform. Everbody pointed their flashlights to the platform where my dad was fighting those things which turned out to be some kind of scorpions. Suddenly a whole army of scorpions was moving towards me and got closer and closer. Just as the first one was about to reach me I lifted my hand to strike the damn thing and woke up thrashing my arm against the bedpost...

2. Do you have any recurring dreams? Not recently I believe. But I think there is a recurring object in some of my dreams. It's a house that I don't know in real life but in my dreams I am familiar with it. I think that house has appeared in a couple of different dreams. When I was younger I had a couple of recurring dreams. A couple of recurring nightmares like: I had to balance something on my index finger but it got heavier and heavier and heavier, faster and faster. Just when I couldn't bear it anymore I woke up.

3. What's the scariest nightmare you've ever had? Hmm. The only nightmare I can remember at the moment is a recurring one I used to have when I was in kindergarten and probably even grade school. It was highly inspired by the fairy tale of the big bad wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood. It went like this: I was sitting on a couch in our living room with my parents and baby brother. Suddenly we heard a noise and saw the shadow of some monster falling through the single door to that room. My dad jumped up and locked the door. We could still see the monster through the frosted glas door. We hid behind the couch. But suddenly the monster (which was some kind of huge wolf walking on his hind legs) was in the room and chasing us around the couch. He ate all of my family members one after the other until only I was left. Then he snatched me and swallowed me too. The last thing I saw was that his stomach was full of newspapers. Then I woke up.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not? Sometimes I think that it would be a nice idea to put pen and paper close to my bed so I can write some dreams down. But I've never actually done it. I would like to remember more of my dreams though.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it? I have. A couple of times. But it was rather boring. I just realized that I was dreaming. And that was that. I didn't try to fly or change the dream or anything. And usually I woke up shortly after I had realized I was dreaming. But I have already planned on trying to fly should I ever have a lucid dream again :)

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Thursday, 23 May 2002

T-storm? Are you kidding?

The weather is gorgeous. Just like it was yesterday. I think I might even have a slight sunburn from having lunch outside in the sun and sitting in the sun for another half hour while my co-worker was trying to fix the alarm system. I can't believe that we're to have a fierce thunderstorm tonight. I hope it decides to just stay in the western parts of Germany and doesn't bother us here. I like the current weather.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2002


Well great. We just got an email from our supervisor at school concerning our thesis. Apparently it doesn't seem to be such a good idea to write the thing together after all. The examination office people require some ridiculous conditions to be met if you do a thesis as team work. Now we have to think of some way to artificially separate it into two. Great.

And then my parents called to tell me that they won't be back from their visit to Scotland before Saturday night. That kind of shatters my plans to go visit them on the weekend because I would see them for like half a day before I had to leave again on Sunday afternoon. Just great.

I have a good mind to just leave work and spend the rest of the (beautiful) day in the park enjoying the sun before the weather gets worse again (which will happen tomorrow).

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Famous People

If you live in Berlin you're bound to run into famous people (like politicians, TV or movie stars, Musicians, stage actors,..) sooner or later. I'm sure I have already passed many well known people. I usually just don't recognize them.

Once for example our foreign minister jogged past Michi and me with his two bodyguards. I admired the bodyguards' bodies and thought "Why are those two very neatly built guys trying so hard to stay between us and that old guy?". Oh well. When my Mom visited me with two of her sisters last year we went to a restaurant and sat next to a lady doing some kind of a one-woman-cabaret in one of the theaters here. My mom recognized her at once. I didn't.

But yesterday when I left work I almost ran into a lady who was about to enter the building. It was the spokeswoman for the Green party. And I recognized her. Woohoo :)

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Tuesday, 21 May 2002

Bush almost ruined my evening

So President Bush is coming for a visit to Berlin tomorrow. Today people decided to do a peace demo to tell him what they think of his foreign policy. And some other people did a pro-Bush demo. Well anyhow because of that one of the largest and most important roads got blocked off, forcing everybody to search alternative routes home. Unfortunately most people seemed to choose the route I always take home (and there's really not much of a detour I can take). So in the end I got stuck in a traffic jam which caused my way home to take twice as long as normal (I should have thought of that earlier and taken public transportation to work). I arrived at home so late that it was either jogging or watching Dark Angel. Guess what won.... *sigh*

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Monday, 20 May 2002


Today is another national holiday here. I love May. No other month has that many holidays I think. And the weather is better again too. Yesterday we had nothing but rain. Which was very sad because it was the day of the Carnival of Cultures here in Berlin. We had great weather all week long and the day of the street parade totally sucks.

We'll pay our friend Stefan a visit now as he still has Michi's Win2k CD which we desperately need. Michi caught a trojan somewhere and didn't manage to completely remove it from his system. The trojan deleted his system folder and now Windows won't start up anymore and you need the CD to repair it. You never ever need that CD after installation. But of course the moment you do need it you don't have it. Bummer.

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Sunday, 19 May 2002

Running through water

Jogging just after a rain that lastet 12 hours feels more like swimming than running. Even breathing feels more like swallowing water. But I made it back home.

It's astonishing how great you feel after some exercise. I'm even missing it when I can't run for some reason. That has never happened to me before. I was always rather lazy when it came to sports. Well I hope my enthusiasm will last this time. I still want to be able to wear whatever I like in 20 years. And just lately I have realized that my body won't keep it's shape just by itself. So now I'm running.

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Friday, 17 May 2002

Friday Five

Woohoo. They're back!

1. What shampoo do you use? Aussie Mega which I import from the US regularly (either I bring it back myself or I let my dad buy it for me and take it with him when he visits home). I like that it doesn't make my hair soft and smooth. I totally can't have that. I hate my hair if it's too soft. If I can't have that I use some shampoo I can buy here. Don't much care which one. Probably one that's made for dyed hair. Or something.

2. Do you use conditioner? What kind? I used when I still had long hair. But not anymore. You guessed it: makes my hair too soft.

3. When was the last time you got your hair cut? Uhm, when I last visited my family (my mom is a hair dresser. I have never had my hair cut by anybody else. Do you know how expensive it is to get your hair cut if you are a woman?). That was like a week after my birthday I believe. Two months ago.

4. What styling products do you use? Just spray stuff (I have no idea what the english word would be...)

5. What's your worst hair-related experience? My hair pisses me off quite often. Often I'm not satisfied with how it looks and I've more than once thought about just cutting it very, very short (like 1cm or something). But I guess all that doesn't count as a bad hair-related experience. So let me think. I once burned half my hair accidentally while leaning over a candle. I was like five or so when that happened. I think that's the worst that ever happened to me hairwise. I have a very good hairdresser :)

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Thursday, 16 May 2002

Clones rock

Well I must say I really liked Episode II. I did go to the preview with very low expectations. Maybe that's the reason I liked it so much. It's not perfect by all means but it does resemble the old movies much more than Episode I. And that's a good thing. Seems Lucas finally found back to his roots again. Okay, he might have overdone the love story a bit but we all knew it was coming so I'm okay with that.

What really pissed me off were the girls sitting behind me screaming "Oh, nooooo" and "Oh, please" and "Oh, c'mon" and "Gaaawwwwd" whenever the movie switched to the love story plot. It was pretty corny. Okay. But honestly I had expected worse after seeing that one trailer.

I'll stop talking now before I give away anything about the plot. Don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet. Just wanted to say that I'll definitely go watch it again. Yes, it's that good.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2002

Episode II

So in about 7 hours I will see Episode II. I won’t let my hopes get up too high though. I mean it can’t really be a lot worse than Episode I. But as my friend Steff said: “Things can go wrong in places where you least expect them to”. That reminded me of a userfriendly cartoon from a week ago…

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Tuesday, 14 May 2002

Ico again

Well it seems not only has the European version of Ico the cooler cover art. Apparently the PAL version itself if much cooler also. Now I don't know if all I say is true as I really have no opportunity to compare the different versions. I'm only repeating what I read in a game FAQ.

First of all Yorda's AI seems to be better. She follows you around, climbs ladders and jumps down heights she knows she can make. Also she will point you to the solution of puzzles if you take very long to solve them. The shadows apparently act pretty clever now too (I can certify that. I don't know how it is in the American version but in my game the shadows are pretty hard to fight off sometimes).

But that is not all. If you play the game a second time after you've completed it you can understand what Yorda and the queen say. Even better you can play the game with 2 players then, one playing Ico, the other Yorda.

The best thing though (better sit down for this) is that apparently you can find a lightsaber and use it as a weapon. Jonathan Saas provided two, screenshots to prove it. I won't believe this before I've seen it myself though...

I would never have thought I'd ever say this in the context of video games, but: Sometimes it's so good to live in Europe :)

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hay fever?

Sometimes I have the feeling that I might be developing some sort of hay fever over the years. For two or three years now I have been having itchy eyes and a runny nose from time to time during the warm months. Nothing really bad though. Nothing as mean as what Michi or my brother seem to be having. I just hope it stays that way and doesn't get any worse. I've always hoped I wouldn't get it. But now I'm not so sure anymore...

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Monday, 13 May 2002

This is crazy

I spent 20 Euro today to get a package airmailed to the US. I could've flown over and deliver the package myself for that price! *shakes head*

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Sunday, 12 May 2002

Who did it?

Has somebody messed up the internet without telling me? Most American sites are kinda hard for me to reach currently and veeeeeeery, veeeeeeery slooooooooooow. You can't do that to me. It's the weekend. The only time where I can surf as much as I like!

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Saturday, 11 May 2002


ico.jpgA week ago I discovered that Ico had been released here in early April without us noticing. I just had to get it. I love the cover art of the European version (to the left). It is much better than that of the American version. There’s only one thing that bugs me and that’s the camera. It is very hard to get an impression of the room you’re in. Even rotating the camera doesn’t help much sometimes. Maybe a first person perspective would have been better when looking around. The ability to zoom out would’ve been nice too. Apart from that it’s a great game as far as I can tell. Graphics are amazing. Sometimes though I can totally relate to this

Today was an important football (err, I mean soccer) game here in Berlin and all the trams and stations were crowded with fans. Had I known that before I went to town to go shopping I would’ve thought twice about going. There was also lots of police around. Many fans are already dead drunk before the game even starts. It’s a lot of fun to sit in a tram together with a large group of mostly male, partly drunk people in soccer uniforms yelling their battle cries. Well it wasn’t too bad. The fans I met all behaved themselves…

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Friday, 10 May 2002

No Friday Five :(

No Friday Five again. Hopefully they'll be back next week...

We've had the nicest weather for the past few days. Yesterday was a national holiday and we had sunshine and 26°C. Woohoo. Michi and me spent the day in the park next door reading. So relaxing... Today I woke up just to discover that I have tons of insect bites. Two on my arm, and 6 or so on my back. It's itching like hell. Gaaaah! But hey, at least the weather is great...

We saw Blade II yesterday. The effects were quite nice but that's about it. I liked the first part better. What drives me crazy is that I won't be able to see Spider-Man for another month. Aarrrrgh. Everybody talks about this movie and the trailer I am forced to watch every time I see a movie is great and I want to see that film now! Well there's not much I can do about it. I'll have to console myself with Episode II which I will get to see earlier than my American friends. HA!

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Tuesday, 7 May 2002

So much to tell

I have never before neglected my site that long. So much has happened since Friday. I have used my computer only very little for the past few days and yesterday not at all. I still can't believe that I didn't even turn it on yesterday. That is a very, very rare event. Anyhow. Where to start?

On Friday I was trying hard to convince myself not to buy a GameCube. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted one. So I checked my bank account and it told me that I could afford to buy one. You guessed it: I gave in. On Saturday morning Michi and me got up extra early (10am) to go shopping. We left the house around 11 (so we had 5 hours to do all the shopping we wanted before the stores closed). The website of some electronics chain told us that they sold Pikmin as a release title. So first we headed to the nearest store of that chain. Turned out they had something confused there and didn't sell Pikmin yet after all.

So we headed south to the next electronics store which sold the Cube. But for 199 Euro. I had seen it in another store of the same chain for 179 Euro so again I didn't buy it. Went to a games and crafts store where we found two boardgames we had planned on buying anyhow (Trans America and Tyros). Also bought some stuff for a crafts project of mine. Then went north again (had to take a detour because they were repairing the train tracks on the way) to the store that sold the Cube for 179 Euro. Finally got a Cube, second controller, memory card and one game (Super Monkey Ball for 50 Euro, usually games are 60 Euro). Unfortunately they had run out of Rogue Squadron II so we went to yet another store where I found the game. Had to pay 60 Euro this time (dang!).

In the end the whole thing took us over 4 hours, 4 electronics stores and countless kilometers travelled by public transportation (home->north->south->middle->east->home). It's times like this that you realize how big Berlin really is...

The rest of Saturday we spent playing Cube games. Oh and at 11pm we went to see Panic Room (yes, yes, I finally kicked myself to do it) with our friend Moe. Well the film was not what I had expected at all. I mean I didn't get startled once. From what I have read about the movie I had thought that it would be very creepy. Well anyhow the movie was quite good. The ending would have needed something though. It was a little lame somehow. And some of the violence could have been a little less explicit. Not because I'm a sissy but because it just wouldn't have been necessary. But the opening credits where very, very cool (as promised) and the camera angles and movement were very cool also but sometimes a little too self-loving (was it really necessary to fly the camera through the coffee pot handle??).

Sunday I played more Cube. We also kicked ourselves to go running again. Yay. My muscles are still sore. But from now on I will keep at it. That I promised myself. Then more Cube. In the evening I wanted to do that crafts thingy I was talking about earlier but everything went wrong. I'll have to buy some new ingredients today and try it again :(

On Monday we got up early to go to the examination office at our uni to check back with them if the classes we took meet all the required constraints (we were pretty sure that they would but better double check). The conditions that have to be met are very complicated to say the least. Whenever we try to explain them to somebody they cringe in pain after five minutes and beg us to stop. That office is only open four days of the week and only for a couple of hours (in the early morning of course). We got there and only one guy seemed to work the other two ladies sat behind their counters doing ...something. At the front of the line we waited in was a student of architecture trying to bring order to the chaos of classes he took with the administration guy. We waited. And then waited some more. Meanwhile one of the ladies had begun to work again but the line in front of her counter was even longer. So we waited some more. Finally it was our turn but the guy told us that we would have to go to some other office with our request. Gaaaaaah!

We had to hurry then to get to our class in time (which was of course on the other side of the campus). During a short break we managed to go to that other office and the lady there was very nice and helped us even though her official consultation hours had already passed. It turns out everything is okay with the classes we took.

After school we met with our roommate Simon to drive to IKEA to buy a TV rack for all the video game systems we have. When we bought the Cube we had to remove the Dreamcast because there was simply not enough space to put everything. That had to be changed of course. Hence the IKEA trip. Simon wanted to buy a new CD rack because the one he had was not large enough to hold all his CDs (he's got hundreds...). It took us some time to decide on a rack but in the end I think we bought the right one. We also bought a small table that goes in front of the couch and a small stool to rest your legs on when you sit on the bean bag. We managed to fit everything in the car without having to leave trunk open.

While we were at IKEA I got a call that I could come and get my new glasses. So we drove home, unloaded Simon and the stuff we bought and then went to get my glasses. They still feel a little strange. But I guess that isn't suprising if you consider the fact that I have had my old ones for five years now...

We got home around 9pm and immediately started to assemble everything. The little stool was a bitch to assemble. The screws didn't seem to like spending the rest of their life holding that stool together. In the end I won but my hands hurt! While I fought with the stool Michi assembled the table and was amost done with the TV rack by the time I had finished the stool.

But the hardest part lay yet ahead of us. We had to somehow bring order to the mess of cables, video tapes and other junk in our TV corner. Disentangling the cables alone took half an hour. So we spent the next 2.5 hours cleaning all the mess and rearranging everything in the new rack. Now all the cables are neatly tied together and everything looks very nice. The Cube got the biggest compartment all for itself and it seems to like it there. We were finished by 1am and immediately headed for bed.

This morning I got a package from amazon containing the second novel in the series I'm reading. That was a real surprise as they originally told me it would take 1-2 weeks before they could ship it. Now it only took them 2 business days. Very cool.

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Saturday, 4 May 2002

The Cube

Ooooooh. I visited the GameCube today. It took all my strength to resist the urge to buy one. We played Pikmin there and had SO. MUCH. FUN. with this game even though we had no idea what we were supposed to do. Unfortunately it will take almost 2 months before the game is released here. Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II does look promising though and is available. As is Super Monkey Ball. I just checked my bank account. I *could* afford to buy one...

That TV show we went to today turned out to be the regular show of a famous German stand-up comedian that was recorded for TV. "Mom, I'm on TV!" :) It started shortly after 8pm and was over at 11:30pm. I hadn't expected it to be that long. It was pretty funny also. And especially good as we got in for free.

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Friday, 3 May 2002

Friday Five

There are no Friday Five today because the friday five site gets moved to a new host. Therefore I'll just do some randomly determined old one I haven't had a chance to do yet. This one is from Feb. 1st '02.

1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma? I had braces for 2 or 3 years. I think I got them when I was in 6th or 7th grade or something. I hated it then but now I'm glad my parents made me get them. But my bottom teeth still seem to move. I think this might be because of the wisdom tooth slowly digging its way up. Other teeth trauma? Hmm, I lost my right baby tooth incisor when I was about four. A couple years later (the real tooth had just grown out) I had a bike accident and lost it again. This time forever. Actually I only lost half of it but too much of the nerve was damaged and it died and afterward proceeded to get a very ugly brownish color. I had an artificial tooth substitute for the lost bottom half but the upper half was ugly. So two years ago I finally went to a dentist to get an implant. It looks much better now but if you look closely you can see that it is not a real tooth. Getting one of my wisdom teeth pulled out wasn't much fun either but I guess I don't need to go into detail here. I doubt it's much fun for anybody...

2. Ever broken any bones? Three ribs. After an accident where my ex-boyfriend hit me and my jet ski with his jet ski. Fortunately it was "only" three broken ribs. But it hurt like hell. The nastiest part was when the broken ends would move and make this scraping sound whenever I inhaled too deeply. For years afterwards I would feel weatherchanges in my ribs. Oh and my left index finger got hit also but not broken. It still cracks whenever I move it. As a kid I always wanted to break a foot or a leg so I could use crutches. I don't know why I wanted such a thing. I guess I just wanted to try how it would be to use crutches...

3. Ever had stitches? When I was very little I had a umbilical hernia (I hope my dictionary translates this correctly). So now I have a thin scar around the bottom half of my belly button. My doctor always said it was the nicest scar of this type he had seen so far. Seems the surgeons did a good job there. When I was four I played on some logs on a playground in the woods and fell onto the logs where I decided to brake my fall with my teeth. Apart from losing my baby incisor I also had a bad cut on the right side of my upper lip which needed a couple of stiches. I still have a scar there. But you don't see it if you don't look for it.

4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars? Apart from the scars from stitches I have a couple of scars from chicken pox. A small scar on my foot I got from a shell that was swept over my foot from the waves when I was on vacation in southern France. A small scar on my knee where I got stuck in barbed wire once while climbing around places I wasn't supposed to go to. I got quite a few small scars on my arms from insect stings I couldn't resist scratching at until they left a scar. That's about it I guess.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Tonight I'll go and have a look at the GameCube which is finally availabe here too. I'll only have a look. Really, I won't buy anything. *twitch* Then we'll go to the recording of some new TV show. Our roommate Simon got tickets from the radio station he works for but isn't able to go so he gave them to us. No plans for the rest of the weekend yet. If the weather is nice we'll probably go out and enjoy the sun and play some Pétanque. I'll try not to read too much. I learned today that the second book in the series I've just started to read will take 1 to 2 weeks before I get it. Aargh!

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Thursday, 2 May 2002

Ordering the chaos

My friend Chase sent me a link to a guide to the best reading order of the Discworld books. Those guys made a science out of it. Wow.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2002

Friday Five

Yes I know it is Wednesday. But as you might remember I wasn't in town since last Wednesday and didn't have time for this before. So I'll do the Friday Five - Wednesday Edition now:

1. What are your hobbies? Gaming. Boardgames and computer games. I like to read though I often don't have time for it, I like to take photos (since I have my digital camera only very few days pass without me taking some picture. I grew tired of carrying my SLR camera around all the time. It's so big and heavy. I still love it but for quick snapshots the digicam is much more convenient), I like to paint digitally and from time to time I try it on paper too (I'm planning on taking some drawing courses to make something out of my raw talent), I like to paint miniatures but I haven't done it in quite a while because it is very time consuming (my Robo Rally miniatures still wait paitiently on my desk to get painted), I like to be outside when the sun is shining (okay that's not really a hobby).

2. Do you collect anything? If so, what? I don't collect anything specific like stamps or something. Wait, that's not entirely true. Currently I collect Euro coins from other countries than Germany. I also collect my movie tickets. I still have every single movie ticket since my first day of university (that was 1996). The truth is I collect just about everything I come across. I.e. it is very hard for me to throw stuff away. So I just keep it. I am a little better with throwing stuff away now but it is still not easy for me. I sometimes get cleaning fits and then I'll throw some stuff away and feel better. Doesn't happen very often though ;)

3. Is there a hobby you're interested in, but just don't have the time/money to do? Hmm, does traveling count as a hobby? I love to travel and I wish I could do it more often.

4. Have you ever turned a hobby into a moneymaking opportunity? No, not really.

5. Besides web-related stuff (burbs, rings, etc.), what clubs do you belong to? A boardgame club. The one I just spent my weekend with. There's only one problem: the club is too far away from where I currently live.

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When I came home from France my Amélie Special Edition 2-DVD-Set already waited for me. I had preordered it at amazon. That's a thing I begin to really like about amazon. You preorder something and more or less forget about it. And then one day it arrives in the mail. I think I'll surprise myself like this more often in the future.

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Gaaaah. My back hurts. I had to leave work a little earlier than I would have normally because I just couldn't sit there any longer. I spent all evening lying on the couch in front of the TV. Now it's better.

Before we went home from work we had to go grocery shopping because tomorrow is a national holiday in Germany (meaning: all stores will be closed). When I wanted to pay for our parking ticket I had to realize that the machine was broken. So I went to the the parking lot supervisor's (or whatever his job description) little cabin to pay there. But nobody was there. After a couple of minutes more and more people gathered and still no sign from the guy. There were about 10 other people and some of them were getting really impatient (that parking lot is EXPENSIVE. It's connected to a train station. That makes it much more expensive than the typical lot.). After 10 minutes or so some of the other people tried to open the gate at the entrance by tricking it into believing somebody wanted in and then driving through from the inside. But that didn't work. So then they tried to dismantle the gate. Fortunately the parking guy arrived at that moment and we could all pay for our tickets and leave. Because of the long wait it was more expensive than it would've been had we been able to leave when we were finished shopping.

Oh well. A couple of weeks ago I decided to try to get upset over silly things like this less often. So I stayed calm. And I think it was the right decision.

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