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Tuesday, 7 September 2004

The small joys

My new job (well basically it’s my old job, just that I’m permanently employed now) has already started to bring me to places I’ve never been before. Since yesterday I have been in Brussels. Up until an hour ago I wasn’t very impressed. The tourist attractions are surrounded by an unbelievable amount of tourist traps of the worst sort. All the restaurants had people outside trying to lure you into their establishment. Since my colleague and I were unable to find a “normal” restaurant near our hotel we ended up eating at a McDonald’s. Imagine that: we were staying at the Hilton and eating at McD. Oh boy.

Anyway, for lunch we were taken to a sandwich place in a nice residential area and there I got an extremely tasty sandwich for a really good price (€2,60 for a foot-long sandwich). I’m not entirely sure about all the ingredients since the menu was in French but it was really, really good. Yum.

On that occasion I noticed again how bad my French has gotten. I think I will need to start spending my weekends in Paris at my dad’s place to give it a kick-start.

Tonight we will fly to Helsinki where we will stay for the rest of the week. We’ll see how that goes. At least I hear that all the taxis in Helsinki accept credit cards. So that’s a plus. Although I might go ahead and pay cash anyway to get precious Finnish Euro coins…

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