Wednesday, 8 September 2004


So I’m in Helsinki now. I really like it so far. Even though I got attacked by a taxi this morning. While I was getting into the car the door swung back and hit me in the head. In fact it penned my head in between itself and the car’s roof. It hurt. Now I have a bit of a headache and chewing hurts a little. Oh well…

But the day got a lot better after the taxi incident. We had lunch at a very nice place down by the harbour. I had a plate full of whole prawns in garlic with a very delicious mayonnaise. It was very, very good if a bit of a hassle to peel all the prawns myself. I am now known as Shrimp Mass Murderer because most of the shrimps were carrying eggs. I can live with that though. Maybe I’ll avoid swimming in parts of the sea that has a large shrimp population for a while to avoid revenge ;)

Oh and it’s quite cold here, 10 - 12 °C. There’s some arctic weather front marching through here at the moment. But the sun is shining so it’s really not that bad…

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sorry about the taxi incident. But aside from attacking taxis, helsinki really is top-notch IMHO for it’s short distances and a whole bunch of nice places to be. Best experienced in great company. …but that is always true…

Great site, btw. Keep up.

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