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Thursday, 31 October 2002


The Steel Battalion controller must be the coolest game accessory ever....

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Full Body Scan

Azero brought a giant scanner to this year's Tokyo Game show and made full body scans of people (via Jane). Some of these are great. They remind me a lot of Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.

I want a full body scan too!

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Wednesday, 30 October 2002

Vice Anybody?

So has anybody played GTA:Vice City yet? How is it?

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Tuesday, 29 October 2002

Internet Simulator

Userfriendly points us to the Realistic Internet Simulator today. It's a game with which you can train your internet skills. My current high score is 138 killed pop-ups :)

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So Tetris is NP-complete. Interesting.

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Monday, 28 October 2002


I caught some virus and am currently developing a nice cold. I hope it stops there and doesn't also add cough, sore throat and headaches to this. Currently my nose feels like two times its normal size and I'm a little dizzy in the head. If it gets any worse I see the thesis deadline sneaking up from behind and beating me up faster than I can say "thesis deadline"....

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A storm is currently having fun outside. I'm glad we decided to relocate Foo (which had been parked right under a big tree) to a spot as far away from trees as possible (which is not easy in my street). Don't want any tree hurting Foo....

It's also way past my bedtime so I'll tuck myself in now and listen to the storm for a while...

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Sunday, 27 October 2002

Games, Games, Games

On Friday I bought Löwenherz, Kardinal und König, Krieg und Frieden and Pfeffersäcke for 31€ at a local department store. That’s basically four games for the price of one. I just can’t resist such a good deal in boardgames…

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Saturday, 26 October 2002

I am so weak

Colin McRae Rally 3
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Friday, 25 October 2002

Oh no

Colin McRae Rally 3 is out today! Oh the temptation...

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Wednesday, 23 October 2002


I lie down on the couch to relax my brain a bit. Two hours later I wake up and it's almost dark outside. Damn! How am I supposed to ever finish my thesis....

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Monday, 21 October 2002


I have been away on Friday and Saturday. We visited the Essen Game Fair. I'm feeling guilty because I obviously didn't work on my thesis during that time. But I just cannot miss this event. We had lots of fun. Actually this was the best Essen I've ever experienced. I'll write up a more detailed report with pictures later today or tomorrow.

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Thursday, 17 October 2002


Are you one of those people who cannot say no to those pesky telemarketers? I am. But now there seems to be a solution to this. Just follow the telemarketing counterscript (via penny arcade :)

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Wednesday, 16 October 2002

Game Soundtracks

We're just listening to soundtracks from some classic games like Giana Sisters, Bubble Bobble and Turrican. The good old times :)

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I think it's time...

...I bought an Apple computer.

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Tuesday, 15 October 2002


Foo is at the garage again for an oil change. As always with this car they found something else (at our insistence though. We had the feeling something was wrong with it. And we had just recently lost our exhaust pipe again). It’s leaking brake fluid, so we need new brakes for the rear axle. And we also have them finally give Foo a new exhaust.

650 €.


I need a job.

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Monday, 14 October 2002


Escher in Lego. Cool!

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When I got up yesterday

octobersnow.jpgWhen I got up yesterday and looked out of the window this is what I saw.

Uhm. Snow? In October? Hello??!??

I mean I like snow. If it's good snow and not the sloshy kind that is more rain than snow and melts when it hits the ground. But I'm not really ready for winter yet. I want a nice autumn with lots of sunshine and no rain so I can take pictures. Dammit.

Today the snow is gone and it's just cold and wet. Bah. Well at least it makes it easier to stay inside and write thesis. Correction. It makes it easier to stay inside.

On another note. I saw Bend it like Beckham on Saturday. It's a fun movie about football :) At times I had to laugh out loud...

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Friday, 11 October 2002


I just drank half a litre of milk. I think I downed it too quickly cause now I've got a bad belly ache. Seems like my stomach didn't like it as much as I did.


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Thursday, 10 October 2002


Speeeeeeed! Aaaaaahhhh.

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Our DSL is down again. So now I'm sitting in the hall in front of the telephone with my laptop and its "speedy" 56k modem to at least check my emails.

But wait....

the dsl modem just synched again. Okay. Goodbye modem. Hello internet! Wheee! :)

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Tuesday, 8 October 2002


I got up extra early this morning (at 9:00) with the intention of getting lots of work done and writing at least 2 pages today. I still haven't started. Damn!

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Fly, little plane, fly!

Unfortunately I got sent the link to this paper airplane simulator. Now I cannot stop to try getting an even higher score. My current best distance is 105.4283 ft. Anybody out there who can beat that?

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Monday, 7 October 2002

Blue Guy

If he doesn't get elected this guy could drink even more of this silver solution and then play an Andorian in the next Star Trek series without needing any make-up :)

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Sunday, 6 October 2002


My friends have left and I am sad. It was so good to spend some time with them again. If only we didn't live so far apart. *sigh*

We had lots of fun while it lasted though. We played boardgames, bought comics (spent too much money in that store, as always) or just hung out. Today when we went to get their rental car I spotted a bunch of new birds. Wheee! I have to spend a couple of days in that area someday hunting for more. There have to be much more!

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Friday, 4 October 2002


No time for updates. Spend too much time with having fun with my friends (and feeling bad at the same time for not working on thesis). But we have to try to make the most out of their visit. Yesterday was a beautiful day so we spent most of it outside playing Kubb and Pétanque and later some boardgames and then we saw Minority Report. Movie was pretty good. Had to think and talk about it a lot afterwards. It sure does paint a picture of a future I don't want to be a part of. But also I think some of the ideas they had will be reality sooner or later. It was also very intense at times. Would have been better though without the slimy happy end. But oh well. I guess that's how it has to be in a Steven Spielberg film...

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Tuesday, 1 October 2002


The following is just too good not to be reposted. M found it in this thread on the Magic Online forums. They are discussing wether the bad-language filter installed there is good or bad.

In English, “f*ck” falls into many Grammatical categories. It can be used as
a verb both transitive (John f*cked Mary) and intransitive (Mary was f*cked
by John). It can be an adverb (Mary is f*cking interested in John), or as a
noun (Mary is a terrific f*ck). It can also be used as an interjection
(F*ck! I’m late for my date with Mary). It can even be used as a conjunction
(Mary is easy, f*ck she’s also stupid). As you can see there are very few
words with the overall versatility of the word fu*k. Aside from its sexual
connotations, this word can be used to describe many situations:

  1. Greetings………”How the f*ck are ya?”
  2. Fraud……………”I got f*cked by the car dealer.”
  3. Resignation…….”Oh, f*ck it!”
  4. Trouble………….”I guess I’m f*cked now.”
  5. Aggression………”F*CK YOU!”
  6. Disgust…………….”F*ck me.”
  7. Confusion………….” What the f*ck….?”
  8. Displeasure…………”F*cking **** man…”
  9. Lost……………………”where the f*ck are we?”
  10. Disbelief…………..”UNF*CKINGBELIEVABLE!!”
  11. Retaliation………….”Up your f*cking ass!”
  12. Apathy……………..”Who really gives a f*ck?”
  13. Suspicion………….”Who the f*ck are you?”
  14. Directions…………..”F*ck off.”
  15. Dismissal…………….”Why don’t you go outside and play

It can be maternal……..”MOTHERF*CKER!!”
It can be used to tell time…….” It’s four f*cking twenty!”
It can be used as an anatomical description………….”He’s a f*cking
Lastly, it has been used by many notable people throughout history:

  • “What the f*ck was that?” ~Mayor of Hiroshima
  • “Thats not a real f*cking gun.” ~John Lennon
  • “Where the f*ck is all this water coming from?” ~Captain of the Titanic
  • “Who the f*ck is gonna find out?” ~RichardNixon
  • “Heads are gonna f*cking roll.” ~Anne Boleyn
  • “Any f*cking idiot could answer that.” ~Albert Einstein
  • “It does so f*cking look like her!” ~Picasso
  • “You want what on the f*cking ceiling?” ~Michaelangelo
  • “F*ck a duck.” ~Walt Disney
  • “Houston we have a big f*cking problem.” ~The crew of Apollo 13

- George Carlin (modified a bit)

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We ended up not going to the marathon. It was just too damn early. I did manage to finish the second chapter of my thesis though. Only 6 more to go :)

Yesterday we ordered a bunch of new boardgames (Princes of Florence, Dschunke and Blokus for those who are interested) for the imminent visit of two of our old friends from Karlsruhe. We weren't sure if they (the games) were going to make it this week because Thursday is a national holiday (to celebrate the reunification of Germany) and sometimes stuff doesn't get shipped as quickly as it should if there is a national holiday involved. But the shop we order our games from is really great. The games arrived today, a mere 25 hours after placement of the order. These people must have a very special relationship with the German postal service ;)

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