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Monday, 27 May 2002

Internet Down

My internet was down over the weekend. Fortunately it has come back this afternoon just when I was about to call my provider and tell them what I think of this. It's quite slow currently but at least I can surf and read my email. Sometimes I really hate being the customer of a monopolist.

Jogging today didn't go all that well. Might have been because I was shopping for clothes before my run. Shopping is exhaustive for feet. At least my shopping tour was succesfull. I bought myself a pair of very cool 3/4 pants.

Saw Episode II again on the weekend and I still like it. I am tempted to go see it again in a theater with digital projectors. I heard it is much better in its digital form. The analog copies we have seen were quite blurry. Unfortunately the only theater in Berlin which has digital technology shows it in the dubbed German version. *sigh* I'll think about this some more...

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