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Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Fun with ferrofluids

Check out the cool things you can do with a nice strong magnet and a magnetic fluid.

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 17:37 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by Stefan on 30 December, 2004 10:57 CET

The Christmas lecture of the physics department in Tuebingen was on ferro-fluids - nifty.

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by on 2 July, 2005 13:59 CET

A dog named fish lived here once, is he dead or just asleep?

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by Matthew on 4 July, 2005 11:07 CET

I never thought I would have so much fun downloading dancing fluids with the door ajar and the blinds open - LOL! You are creative and fun. Got here through your star wars video, now that was patience if I ever saw it.


[Comments Link]  4. Posted by Decio on 4 July, 2005 17:41 CET

Thanks Edda,
WonderMagnet is really cool.

You may find funny the following link:
expecially the magnetism chapter.

BTW: A rss link to slashdot brought me in your nice site.