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Friday, 31 October 2003

Still Gamin'

We made it back from Essen alive and well. Well, almost. David and I caught a cold somewhere on the way. But it’s not that bad and we’re already recovering.

We had so much fun in Essen. We were playing games nonstop. Well, almost nonstop. The other part was spent squeezing ourselves through crowds of people blocking our path or beating people up for wanting to take our spot at a table by which we had just waited half an hour for a chance to playtest a new game. We got to meet up with quite a bunch of our friends, so that was great as well. Only problem was that we had to split up during the day because it was much easier to squeeze ourselves through and get a table with just three people instead of seven.

Ever since we got back we basically continued doing what we had been doing all weekend. Only without the squeezing and fighting for tables part. So I doubt I’ll have time to write a complete Essen report with pictures before next week. But I did take a pic of almost every game we played and also some crowd pictures. So look for this sometime next week.

I’m sure you’ll understand that thoroughly playtesting all the games we bought is the most important thing to us right now :)

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