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Thursday, 11 September 2003


Hey everybody, this is Michi. I probably should think of something special for my first post but my brain is currently stuck in idle mode. Esther and I were supposed to have a job interview with SAP today. We spent the last day preparing and thinking about all those (stupid) standard interview questions. I found out that this is my second favortite activity, just behind writing applications ;) So today we got up extra *cough* early just to find out that our interviews had to be postponed until next week. Ah well...

[Age of Wonders 2]We spent our unexpected free time with playing some PC games. I once again tried to save the world in Age of Wonders 2 - Shadow Magic. If you like games like Heroes of Might and Magic or Masters of Magic you should check this one out. It might seem that it's just a full price addon to Age of Wonders 2 but behind the curtains quite a few things changed. There are a truckload of new races, units, buildings, spells and improvements to almost every aspect of the game. I'm especially delighted that Triumph had the guts to revert the magic system back to the original Age of Wonders system. Instead of being stuck with a predefined school of magic as in AoW2 you can again come up with any combination of the six magic schools. Yeah, way to go.

My only complaint is that the game isn't completly stable on my system. After running for some time it becomes quite sluggish and I get more and more graphical glitches. It seems to be a problem with my graphics card (Geforce 2). Strange enough other people with a similar setup don't have that problem. The developers blame that on Nvidia's drivers. Okay... How many people run Nvidia cards? 80 percent?

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(okay, once she kicks you out of the house, come HERE for our Werewolf party) :-P


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