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Monday, 4 August 2003

Well Great...

We're back in Berlin and I just noticed that my cell phone's power adaptor seems to be missing. I cannot find it anywhere. Looks like it got left at Mikey's family's place. Great. Just what I needed right now...

In other news: we brought Mikey's little sister with us so she doesn't bore herself to death during summer break. Saturday we went to the museum of musical instruments. It's quite interesting. Lots of old instruments. The cool part is the cinema organ they have there. It's from back in the day when movies where silent. It can do all kinds of sounds, like a bird chirping, sleigh bells, etc. Every saturday there's a guy there playing it. It was very impressive.

Tormorrow we'll probably go to one of the lakes in Berlin because it is too fucking hot to do anything else really.

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[Comments Link]  1. Posted by NoOneElse on 12 August, 2003 15:32 CET

I wouldn’t mind some of that heat over here, I’ll give you a bit of winter instead, okay? :-)

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