Tuesday, 12 August 2003

open air movie

Just got back from one of the open air movie theaters that come to life in Berlin in summer. We saw Spirited Away again. Ah, I like that movie. That particular theater has beach chairs you can sit in (well you lie more than you sit) while watching the movie. It's great. So as we were lying there, enjoying the movie, there was suddenly this huge (and I mean _extremely_ bright) shooting star right above the screen. Nice! And later ISS passed us as well. Whee! Those beach chairs are really something. For that I'll gladly take a couple of mosquito bites...

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 01:05 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by Lena on 13 August, 2003 13:56 CET

You’ve seen the ISS?I was lying outside in our hammock and watched the falling stars.

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