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Wednesday, 9 July 2003


We did good to get a headstart on Thursday and did not encounter too much traffic on our way south. We arrived at Mikey's parents' place around 5:30am.

On Friday however we weren't as lucky and spend a lot of time in traffic jams for the remaining 1.5 hours drive (which took us 2.5 hours that day). When the jamming got too much on the Autobahn we decided to take an alternative route over country roads along fields and pastures. We were already congratulating ourselves for the wise choice to leave the Autobahn when we ran into another jam in some backwater town only a short ways from our final destination. Ah well.

The rest of the weekend was great though. We played lots of boardgames and just enjoyed spending time with our friends (whom we don't see as often as we'd like). Unfortunately I couldn't persuade enough people to play Werewolf. Most of the members of our game club don't like it for some reason and we didn't want to play with only 8 people. Instead we played other fun games. Enemy in Sight for example is a great game if you play it with the right kind of people. On Saturday morning we strolled through the city with our friend Tim. As always in that city this ended with me buying a couple of comics at one of my favorite comic stores.

While we were there our friends Tim and Aki tried to talk us into coming back in three weeks to attend the LAN party they are organizing. So we'll think about that. Have to check first if all the new games run on our old machines.

So yesterday I acquired a Duron 1300 which is the only FSB100 CPU (the only ones my antiquated motherboard will take) I could find. My trusty old 800 Mhz Thunderbird therefore goes into well earned retirement now. I'm hoping that this little upgrade will allow me to play the newer games in bearable quality. I downloaded Enemy Territory yesterday for a test run. I guess it would have been smarter to run it with the old and the new CPU to see the difference but it's too late for that now...

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