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Tuesday, 24 June 2003

New Phone

I got a call from my cell phone provider today that my two-year contract is about to expire and would I be interested in staying with them another two years? In case I wanted to stay another two years they offered me a new phone for cheap. Of course I was interested but I pretended to be a little reluctant because I needed more time to think about the phone I wanted.

I wasn't prepared for this because I thought my contract was good until later this year. So I asked the guy which phone he would recommend and then proceeded to ask hard to answer questions about the phone and other possible choices of phones so I could do some research on the web in the meantime.

It was quite funny actually. I had found the phone specs online after about 5 seconds so I asked him questions about stuff I had on my monitor to win some time. It was obvious that he really wanted me to buy the Nokia 6610 so I tried to find a couple of reviews. I don't expect people who want to sell me stuff over the phone to be honest but it looks like everything he told me was right and the phone has a very good value. Especially since I only have to pay half the price because I accepted the offer right away.

So my new phone will arrive here in two days or so. It has most of the features a modern phone needs, like color display, Java enabled, polyphonic ringing tones (although I'm not sure I'm happy about this as I prefer less obtrusive ringing tones), GPRS, WAP and a whole bunch of other features. It even has an integrated FM radio (I doubt I'll use that very often though) and already comes with a headset. It is also Tri-Band which is really nice. Not that I plan on using it outside of Germany very often but that might come in handy from time to time...

So now I'm looking forward to this new gadget to play with. Even more so since it was so cheap :)

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 23:14 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by FuzzFace on 10 August, 2003 02:05 CET

You will find Tri-Band useful the first time you travel outside of Europe with it :-) When I visited Germany many years ago, I ended up buying a throwaway phone because my US phone didn’t work there.

You need to post your number (snicker) so we can send you silly SMS messages :-)

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by Edda on 10 August, 2003 11:31 CET

Yeah, it’s cool that all the new phones have Tri-Band now. However I fear the cost for roaming. So I’ll probably still not use it now. But it’s nice to know that I have a working phone in case of an emergency…

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by FuzzFace on 11 August, 2003 22:30 CET

An alternate option is to make sure your phone is unlocked. When you go overseas, get a SIM card for it that is local to that country. Then you aren’t roaming, sort of…

[Comments Link]  4. Posted by Edda on 12 August, 2003 00:54 CET

Only that there are no SIM cards in the US (at least that’s what I’ve been told).