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Friday, 27 June 2003


Got my phone delivered to me yesterday less than 24 hours after the call from the phone company. Wow. They really seem to care about their customers. Too much competition I presume.

Most of the day was of course spent playing with my new phone. It’s pretty cool. I like the color display. Although it suffers from the GBA phenomenon: When the backlight is off it is hard to see stuff on the screen. But with backlight it’s sweeeet. Looks very crisp. The included games are not great. One is a not very fun jump ‘n run game where your “character” is a ball. The other one is a quite interesting chess puzzle with problems like “check mate in 1 turn”, “ 2 turns” or “prevent check mate in 1 turn”. There must be better java games than those though. I’ll do some research and see what I find. Recommendations are of course welcome.

The other thing are the polyphonic ringing tones. I was perfectly okay with the monophonic ringing tones (or should I say beeps) my old phone had. As I said before I prefer unobtrusive rings. My old phone just rang in short single beeps. I never understood people who let their phones play some Bach requiem whenever it rings. Of course usually this is the same kind of people who sit next to you in the subway and need 5 minutes to find their blaring (at top volume of course) phone. The new phone has lots of these ringing tones too. The only one I found that was bearable is called “Croak”. And yes that is exactly what it sounds like. It is okay but I’ll still search the web for a better one. Or maybe I’ll just program my own. I do like the new sms tone though. It’s like the old one (beepbeep—-beepbeep) only in polyphonic and kind of cute.

I also need to personalize my phone. You can set background images and different color schemes. When I turned the phone on for the first time I almost dropped it because it had (my friend B will love this) the PINK color scheme (it’s my phone company’s color) and a background image that rendered the whole display completely unreadable. Of course that was the first things I changed. Unfortunately the other pictures it came with aren’t all that great either. But you can just upload your own pics (it can do jpgs and gifs). So I’ll draw my own.

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 01:31 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by Brina Mims on 16 July, 2003 17:51 CET

oh, c’mon, you could have at least TRIED the pink for a while! For me!!

We never got you into a pink skirt while you were here! Rats! Mikey and I were planning on getting you really wasted, passing out and having you wake up wearing all pink.

Oh well.


[Comments Link]  2. Posted by Edda on 16 July, 2003 19:06 CET

I think I will never ever touch alcohol again when you’re anywhere near me ;)

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by joel on 24 July, 2003 05:38 CET

got a phone few days ago w/ the same description as yours. also set my tone to “Croak”, which i find neat. but i want something like a cricket chirp. still searching the net.

[Comments Link]  4. Posted by Edda on 24 July, 2003 12:59 CET

Funny :) Looks like I’m not the only one to find “Croak” the best tone. The only problem is that I’m still not used to it so it usually takes me a while before I realize that it’s my phone that is ringing. I also have the feeling that the sound is not loud enough.

A cricket chirp sounds like a great idea.

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