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Thursday, 22 May 2003

There is no parking

We had originally intended to go to the Matrix 2 preview yesterday evening. But when we were there to buy tickets they only had seats in the front row. I don't mind sitting close to the screen but the front row especially at their biggest screen isn't all that enjoyable. Granted, we should have taken care of the tickets before Tuesday but we just didn't get around to it (since you have to go there in person to buy tickets for special events like this).

Anyway, now we're going tomorrow night. Which is a good thing too because now one of our friends who couldn't go on Wednesday can join us. So yesterday Mikey and I decided to go to the sneak preview (surprise movie). We almost didn't make it because we spent 20 minutes looking for parking. Aparently all the people who were there for the Matrix preview (on 4 screens in two different movie theaters which are only like 300 meters apart from each other) had gotten there by car.

So it was extremely hard to find parking. Even our "secret spot" that usually has a space for us was completely crowded. But we did make it and missed most of the comercials (which really is a good thing). They showed Old School which is quite good for a film of its type.

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