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Friday, 2 May 2003

Busy, busy

We have been back in Berlin since Sunday night. On Monday we started unpacking our stuff and managed to unpack most of it. But then we found the games I bought in San Francisco (namely "Zelda: The Wind Waker" and "Animal Crossing" for the Game Cube) we stopped unpacking and started playing, first Animal Crossing and then Zelda. Both games are highly addicting and definitely the best GC games I own now.

We also started job hunting. The situation isn't exactly great at the moment but I'm still confident that we'll find something. All companies seem to look for at the moment are SAP Developers. Sigh. But we found one offering for a Java Developer at a nice middle sized company that sounds pretty cool. Now Mikey and I are preparing our application documents and hope they have more than one opening.

But back to Animal Crossing. It is really unfortunate that the game does not support internet play. As it has not been released in Europe the only people I know who play it live in the United States. Now Mikey and I live in the same town. So unless we create a second town ourselves we'll probably never get to travel. I'm also wondering how we should ever get a fruit that is different from our local fruit (apples). One of my villagers keeps asking me for cherries. But how the hell am I supposed to get some? Or do the saplings you can buy from Tom Nook sometimes turn out to be different fruit trees? Anyway, it's astonishing how much fun a game can be where you do nothing except lead your life in a town full of animals...

Zelda is just great. It's such a perfectly designed game. I also love the cell shading. It looks so great when you see it in action. And then there's the little details like moths following you around when you walk through a dungeon with a torch in your hand. The only thing that sometimes bothers me is the camera. Sometimes I feel like I don't see enough of my surroundings. Especially being able to look up or down would come in quite handy from time to time... But this doesn't keep me from playing the game. In fact those two games are the first in (what seems like) ages that have a totally addicting effect on me.

Anyway, I just watched Mikey play Animal Crossing and discoverd a bug that I have not yet caught. So I'll go see if I can catch the little sucker now.

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[Comments Link]  1. Posted by zaph on 6 May, 2003 12:37 CET

Glad to see you made it back ok. You’ll have to stop by Charlotte, NC next time you are in the US. ;)

A few Animal Crossing tips for you:
You’ll probably find it more enjoyable if you have two memory cards and create two towns. One for you, and one for Mikey. That way you each have your own museum and store. Also, you’ll get to see a lot more characters, and they will travel between the towns. Plus, you can easily get another fruit.
The animals will sometimes give you fruit as a gift. Just keep talking to them (a lot!) and doing errands for them. Eventually, you’ll get them all. If you are really stuck for a fruit, send me your name, and town name, and I can generate a code for you.

Have fun!

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by pix on 12 May, 2003 03:37 CET

you know you can tap ‘c’ forward to get a first person view in zelda, right? this lets you look up and down.

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