Friday, 18 April 2003


So we're back in Germany now. It still feels strange. Just a couple of days ago we were in San Francisco and now we're here. I catch myself wanting to talk English all the time. Well I guess I'll adjust soon..

Monday evening (still in SF) Pooh took us to Todai, a great All-You-Can-Eat Japanese seafood buffet in Daly City. That was very yummy. They had everything from Sushi to crab legs. Mikey and I didn't sleep that night because we needed to pack our stuff. Surprisingly we managed to fit everything into our four pieces of luggage.

In the morning everything suddenly went very fast. David got up and went to take a shower. During that time the shuttle to the airport arrived (10 minutes too early). It took a while to fit everything into the car because they sent a regular car instead of a van even though we had told them that we were traveling with oversize bags. But by leaving the trunk open the guy managed to fit everything in. At the airport we didn't have any problems at all checking our snowboard bag. We had heard lots of horror stories about airlines refusing to transport these bags or charging an extra fee. So we were prepared for lots of trouble but everything went fine.

The next surprise came at the security checkpoint where I did not set off the metal detector. I even had my doctor write me a medical certificate about the metal plate in my arm on Monday. I'm glad I didn't need it though. They didn't even blink when I walked through. Since everything went so smoothly and we had expected lots of trouble we had to wait for two hours. By then I was pretty tired so I fell asleep in the waiting area for a couple of minutes. We had planned to sleep on the flight to Philadelphia but unfortunately the plane was full to the last seat and the flight over the Rockies was pretty choppy. So we didn't get that much sleep.

In Philadelphia we only had 40 minutes to catch our connecting flight but fortunately we didn't have problems to get there in time. Unfortunately though we didn't have enough time to grab something good to eat (I just hate airline food and I had had almost nothing to eat since Todai on Monday night). Had we only known that the plane would leave almost an hour later because they had to fix one of the thingies you use to call the flight attendant to your seat as it would go off all the time. We didn't much care and slept until the start but had we known it'd take this long we could've eaten a nice greasy pizza before we left. Ah well...

On the flight I watched "Catch me if you can" and two episodes of "Friends" then slept for a couple of hours and then watched an episode of "Sex and the City" right before the landing. In Frankfurt we had to wait for our luggage for almost an hour because they had some "technical problems" involving animals somebody had checked in. But finally they managed to sort it all out and we got everything, even our snowboard bag made it. Mikey's dad and one of his sisters were there to pick us up and take us to their house which was a very good thing because neither of us was in a state to drive for three hours.

Later we found out that somebody had opened our snowboard bag (probably at the security checkpoint in San Francisco) but they didn't put a tag on it that stated that they had opened it. Well it looks like nothing's missing so I won't complain.

Since then we haven't done much except catching up on sleep. We're still at Mikey's family's house. Today we met up with some of our friends and we'll meet them again later tonight. Tomorrow or so we'll drive to my family and spend a couple of days there. After that we'll see...

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[Comments Link]  1. Posted by Lena on 19 April, 2003 16:53 CET

A very good description of me!

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by randomlife on 24 April, 2003 02:08 CET

I agree! (?)

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by Nicole on 24 April, 2003 02:28 CET

You know, the good news is that you didn’t miss out on anything good in the Philadelphia airport — it’s one of the worst airports of all time! grin

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