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Thursday, 23 January 2003

Staircase Problems

They did deliver David's new mattress on Sunday. Only problem was that the boxspring wouldn't fit through the quite narrow staircase. They couldn't get it through no matter how hard they tried. Makes you wonder how they managed to get the old boxspring into the apartment. Anyway, they'll deliver a boxspring in two parts tonight. I hope they'll somehow manage to get the old one out...

On Monday we went shopping with Brina and Pooh. We got a wireless access point plus router for David (which now enables us to be online with more than one computer at the same time). Then we went to Target which is Brina's and Pooh's nemesis because they always spend more money there than they plan to :) It was fun though and I also finally found black & white film for my SLR camera and we found some CDs for cheap. The rest of the day was spent installing the wireless access point and playing games. Wireless internet is great. When I have the money I want to have this for my notebook as well.

On Tuesday Michi and I took the bus out to Market street to go shopping for a jacket for Michi. He had only brought his winter jacket which is too warm for the temperatures here but going out without jacket is a little too cold on some days. We found a very nice reduced price snowboard jacket for him in a store Pooh had recommended. We also browsed the Rand McNally store on Market which has a very nice collection of travel literature and of course maps and travel guides. I bought a Lonely Planet San Francisco guide, a couple of maps and a book by Bill Bryson I've been wanting to read. Later we met up with Brina and David and took the bus home together.

Yesterday Brina didn't go to work so we went to a nice cafe nearby to play games. Later we walked through Golden Gate Park for a bit to feed ducks and watch the buffalo. The ducks were pretty cool. They'd even take the breadcrumbs from my hand. The squirrels unfortunately didn't seem to like our bread.

Okay, gotta run and take a shower now. We want to walk to the Palace of the Legion of Honor today to look at some paintings and maybe hike around the surrounding park for a bit if there's no rain.

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