Tuesday, 5 November 2002


Marble TrackMy birthday present for Michi arrived today. It's of course a geek toy that other people would call a toy for children :) , a very cool marble track made from wooden cubes of uniform size with holes drilled into them such that you can make the marbles run on top or inside the cubes.

To the left you see our first track, which we fondly named "Castle Marble" :) (Click picture for bigger version) There's of course lots of expansion sets with cool new cubes that can make the marbles jump and whatnot. This is going to get so expensive :)

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[Comments Link]  1. Posted by steve on 6 November, 2002 09:58 CET

cool man, that rocks!

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by Edda on 6 November, 2002 11:24 CET

Thank you :) It does indeed officially rock. Much, much fun will be had with this :)

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by kusinohki on 6 November, 2002 14:56 CET

OMG! a friend of mine had this (or at least something very similar) when we were kids. Were we ‘geeks in training’ then? :P somedays, I still miss my tinkertoys…

[Comments Link]  4. Posted by Edda on 6 November, 2002 15:12 CET

Yes. Definitely geeks in training. If you want your kids to grow up to be geeks give them Lego and old school construction toys. Oh and boardgames :)

[Comments Link]  5. Posted by lena on 6 November, 2002 21:17 CET

Hi esther
die Murmelbahn ist voll cool wo findest du immer so tolle geschenke
PS schenkt mir auch mal so was, aber vieleicht billiger;)
schönen Gruß von mama und papa an euch
Wenn ihr das nächste mal kommt habt ihr einen kuchenwunsch frei (aber bitte vorher melden)
tschüss Lena

[Comments Link]  6. Posted by Edda on 6 November, 2002 21:35 CET

Heh heh :) Michi’s little sister wants one too :)

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