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Saturday, 2 November 2002


On GameGirlAdvance Justin mentioned briefly a freeware 2D shooter all the journalists at World Cyber Games liked to play. It’s called CrimsonLand and the developer’s site seems to be down and doesn’t look like it’ll come back anytime soon. Of course the words “2D” and “shooter” immediately put me into search-mode and I began to look for a mirror to download the game from.

As it turns out this isn’t exactly easy. All the freeware sites I found featured it and rated it as one of the best freeware games out there. Unfortunately they either linked to the broken link on the developer’s site or had taken the game down themselves. This must be the rarest popular freeware game out there. Anyway, after a while I did manage to find a single working download hosted on a German freeware site (download will start automatically after a couple of seconds).

But beware. The game is really quite addicting and especially nice if you need some relief after a long day of work :)

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