Wednesday, 20 February 2002

Scan complete!

Okay people. I scanned pictures all evening and now the rest of the fireworks pics is up. All of those I shot with my film camera. Some of them might have done better with a shorter exposure cause there’s really a lot of stuff on there. I’ll have to practise taking pics of fireworks some more. but for a first try it wasn’t bad I think.

I had originally planned to work on my site some more today. But I’m just too exhausted to do it now. Work totally sucked today for some reason. After all those exams and no real weekends because of having to learn all the time I desperately need a real weekend again where I can sleep as long as I wish. Too bad the olympics will be over so soon. Now that I would have more time to watch. I even missed the Men’s Trick Ski finals on Tuesday which I really wanted to watch. Oh well. Now Icehockey is on though. Germany vs. USA. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Germans kicked their butts? :)

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 23:52 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by perlmunkee on 21 February, 2002 15:51 CET

Yay! More pictures! I love the phoenix looking firework pic…good job! Now get out there and take some more…

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by Edda on 21 February, 2002 15:59 CET

Yeah it’s really such a cool pic. It’s often these accidental pics that turn out best.

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