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Monday, 23 February 2004

Static Conditioning

Static electricity seems to like me. A lot. Here at work I accumulate a static charge from walking on the carpet. Actually just from sitting at my desk and moving in the chair from time to time.

So whenever I touch a metal object or a person the discharge hits me. And we’re not talking a minor sting here. I swear sometimes you can see an arc from my finger to the thing I’m about to touch. It can hurt quite a bit.

It also depends on the shoes I’m wearing. Some pairs are evil and charge me like I’m some kind of living lightning conductor. So now whenever I’m about to touch a door handle I cringe in expectation of the shock. Even when I’m not at work and even if it’s not a metal door handle. My conditioning is perfect.

Pavlov would be proud of me.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2004

Sushi Adventure

Last Friday Michi and I tested a Sushi restaurant near where we work. It’s in the yuppiest part of Berlin and there’s many rich, young, “hip” people there. And tourists. Anyway the sushi place was pretty good. It wasn’t the best sushi I’ve ever had but not bad at all and the price was okay, too. The restaurant’s interior design was very nice. They had all these little details that I really liked. The staff are friendly. The music mix was very interesting, we heard everything from JPop to Rock music to Frank Sinatra in the hour or so that we spent there (and I’m not kidding).

Next to us sat a guy and a girl who gave tips to their neighbours (for whom it was their first sushi experience). Then on Monday as we were watching TV we saw that the the guy was an actor in some new series. I guess around there it happens quite often that you see famous people. One of my co-workers who lives there tells me that even though he doesn’t have a TV he recognizes people all the time.

After the successful sushi test we’re now thinking about trying a new restaurant in this area every Friday (there’s lots of very good restaurants around here from what I hear). We’ll see how that goes. It’ll probably get expensive quickly…

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Monday, 9 February 2004

This just in

Martian Uprising

The latest picture by the Mars rover. Found on Mariposa Blog.

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