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Tuesday, 14 January 2003

Lego Star Destroyer

Lego Star Destroyer Video Screenshots

Saturday night Michi and I finally assembled my Lego Star Destroyer. It took us close to 10 hours (we started around midnight). We let my webcam take a picture every five seconds and made a stop motion video out of the pictures (over 7000 of them). The video turned out really cool. It's a little over 4 minutes long and you can download it here. There's two different qualities available:

Please also use the mirrors for downloading to reduce some of the load to my server. Thanks!

Medium / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / TORRENT - 12MB: Okay quality

Huge / Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / TORRENT - 32 MB: Original webcam resolution in very decent quality

Milo did a version with sound.

Sean put up a mirror for all three videos.

Please use the torrents if possible. Thank you!

The videos are encoded in divx5 which you can download here if you don't have it already. I hope everybody will enjoy this as much as we did.

Mirrors kindly provided by the good people of CyborgCow - Cows of a different color and Geekfury and and

[Archive Link]  Posted by Edda at 04:10 CET


[Comments Link]  1. Posted by jg on 14 January, 2003 11:52 CET

Hee hee, I love it! I’ve been pausing and stepping through the movie, and at one point there’s some kind of figurine on top of the Star Destroyer box. A dog?

And I love how you first try putting the URL in normal sized letters on a piece of paper, try it a few times and then there’s a rather long pause while you make the banner with the URL in big letters. :)

I love stop motion video.

[Comments Link]  2. Posted by mrtn on 14 January, 2003 16:16 CET

that rocks! not just the model but the film, everything! rockage-central in fact!

[Comments Link]  3. Posted by Edda on 14 January, 2003 16:19 CET

Thank you!
You saw that little figurine? Wow. That’s only there for one keyframe. It’s a little bear-like card holder that we thought we could use to display the URL at first. But it was too small.

And you saw the URL on the piece of paper? Man. You really looked at this closely :)

[Comments Link]  4. Posted by perlmunkee on 14 January, 2003 17:04 CET

That’s just too damn cool. You guys rock. I like the dinner/breakfast scene :)

[Comments Link]  5. Posted by Alfonzo on 14 January, 2003 18:54 CET

Damn, I just hope you don’t exceed your bandwidth limit!

[Comments Link]  6. Posted by Edda on 14 January, 2003 19:45 CET

I feared for my bandwidth limit also. So I put the videos on my old university account. I just hope they don’t delete the account anytime soon.

[Comments Link]  7. Posted by Alfonzo on 14 January, 2003 23:20 CET

Smart, very smart…

[Comments Link]  8. Posted by lastfuture on 15 January, 2003 22:31 CET

extreme ownage ;) especially your shirt… the one that took so long until it was ready to ship.

[Comments Link]  9. Posted by rumbles on 12 February, 2003 19:40 CET

this is tres nifty. to make it complete, you should add the cantina scene music from a new hope. =)

[Comments Link]  10. Posted by John on 26 March, 2003 18:42 CET

I haven’t seen your movie yet, but that is way cool none the less. I’m just waiting for some enterprizing shmuck with money and time and make a modle of Vader’s yacht, the “Executor” (or is it “Exicutioner”), TO SCALE. That would make it, what, like TWELVE FEET LONG or so? Anyone game?

[Comments Link]  11. Posted by John on 26 March, 2003 19:21 CET

P.S. If you ask me, the next “Mini Modle” they should make is a tiny “Millinium Falcon” to go on the back of the bridge of the Star Destroyer! ;)

[Comments Link]  12. Posted by GAN on 27 May, 2003 21:05 CET

Just ordered… and YOU TWO are resposible for this
and let’s hope in my wife comprehension… :)

[Comments Link]  13. Posted by Edda on 28 May, 2003 02:30 CET

Heh heh :) I take that as a compliment :) Have fun assembling yours!

[Comments Link]  14. Posted by oliver on 17 June, 2003 07:02 CET

i am getting one for my 14th birthday. and how many pcs. are there about 10,000,000, and how long will it take me (an expert) who has been building with lego scince i was three, and who has recently finished a 10 story japanese styled building. oooo and i wonder if i can find a way to get rid of that anoying line down the center

[Comments Link]  15. Posted by oliver on 17 June, 2003 07:05 CET

ooo and it looks like u got a little help from someone else

[Comments Link]  16. Posted by gtahelper on 18 August, 2003 17:21 CET

10 hours? I made it alone in 7 hours.
Well it didn’t live long until I began making Super Star Destroyers, ending with the Executor:

[Comments Link]  17. Posted by frugle on 9 August, 2004 23:22 CET

Fantastic! where do I buy one from?

[Comments Link]  18. Posted by Lamour on 13 September, 2004 12:15 CET

Extraordinary. I love it. Decent storyline, great cinematography, superb actors :)
I wanna see more.

[Comments Link]  19. Posted by kazza on 18 November, 2004 09:57 CET

Brilliant!! Loved the video, it was great. Gives me an idea of what I’m in store for (my own set arrived yesterday!).. although I won’t be doing a marathon build, it’ll be very piecemeal :)

[Comments Link]  20. Posted by Javen on 19 February, 2005 05:26 CET

Your video was pretty cool. I wish I would have thought of it when I built my Lego Star Destroyer. Having to look at is cool and all, but having something to show its creation is awesome. Anyhow, I’m glad to see that there is someone else that built is that fast. My friends don’t believe it took me 10 1/2 hours, even with an observer. Anyway, thanks for the chance to post a comment.

[Comments Link]  21. Posted by Esther on 21 February, 2005 20:46 CET

Glad you liked the video, Javen. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve done in my life (yes, that’s how boring I am) so I’m still a little proud of it. And of course I’m very happy whenever somebody finds their way to my little site and tells me they like the video :)

[Comments Link]  22. Posted by dark lego master on 18 May, 2005 07:56 CET

Its really cool! im saving up right now!! but how do you move such a thing? mail me.

[Comments Link]  23. Posted by star wars/lego geek on 21 May, 2005 20:38 CET

cool idea to make a video

i,m planning to bye the destroyer also ( it costs a fortune !

[Comments Link]  24. Posted by Pillfred on 28 June, 2005 19:47 CET

Nice!!! Good job!!!

[Comments Link]  25. Posted by Pillfred on 28 June, 2005 19:51 CET

Oh you should add some music :)

[Comments Link]  26. Posted by UltraGeek on 28 June, 2005 21:31 CET

DON‘T EVER DIVORCE YOUR WIFE! SHE IS A KEEPER. The fact that she let you buy an expensive toy. Then actually help you build it, is un-real. You’re a very lucky geek.

[Comments Link]  27. Posted by Jason McLeod on 28 June, 2005 22:05 CET

That’s awesome!

[Comments Link]  28. Posted by Edda on 29 June, 2005 00:29 CET

Well, you know, actually, it’s my expensive toy. I got it for christmas and I let my boyfriend help me build it. But thanks for the compliment :)

[Comments Link]  29. Posted by solidsnake31990 on 29 June, 2005 01:30 CET

great job on it. this reminds me of thaying the game “the sims” in the fastest gameplay mode.

[Comments Link]  30. Posted by Kyle on 29 June, 2005 02:48 CET

I’m glad I got to watch this video for a few reasons. One is becaus it was really cool to see the ship take shape. Another is because I don’t think I’d ever take on the project myself so now I feel like I’ve completed it in a way or at least been apart of it. And lastly, legos rock my socks off :).

[Comments Link]  31. Posted by Diemer on 29 June, 2005 02:52 CET

John, did you by chance mean the Slave 1? i don’t praticularly remember the millenium flacon hanging out on the back of a star destoryer.

[Comments Link]  32. Posted by Skunky on 29 June, 2005 03:20 CET

Hey, nice stop motion video. Looks like one of the BSB music video when they set up a concert stage. (yes, yours were as good as the pros) and hey… nice tee-shirts you guys have o’er there. “Someone set the bomb”? and the Urinating Bear? REAL funny. Jealous you have the ‘resources’ to get yourself a BIG model such as dat. Impressed you even video taped it. Muz get me one of those ship models one day. Was kinda into planes once. (smaller n cheaper ones. hehehe…) And my boyfriend wasn’t interested. you guys are AWESOME ppl.

[Comments Link]  33. Posted by rayray on 29 June, 2005 05:03 CET

I have a server with 2000GB bandwidth if you want a mirror for all three sizes. I only use 500GB myself and have plenty to give away.

[Comments Link]  34. Posted by Robogeek on 29 June, 2005 15:01 CET

Diemer, John did mean the Falcon, its from the Empire Strikes back.

Check out the pic:

[Comments Link]  35. Posted by Robogeek on 29 June, 2005 15:01 CET

Diemer, John did mean the Falcon, its from the Empire Strikes back.

Check out the pic:

[Comments Link]  36. Posted by Robogeek on 29 June, 2005 15:01 CET

sorry for the double post

[Comments Link]  37. Posted by cabeza on 29 June, 2005 16:57 CET

great video guys. i’ve got to get me one of those.

[Comments Link]  38. Posted by Waco Kid on 29 June, 2005 18:06 CET

This is way cool, really fun to watch.

[Comments Link]  39. Posted by Waco Kid on 29 June, 2005 18:07 CET
[Comments Link]  40. Posted by OsandmanO on 30 June, 2005 10:30 CET

Been thinkin about getting one for a long time. Now I will definitley have to! Nice video !

[Comments Link]  41. Posted by Jonas Rabbe on 30 June, 2005 15:31 CET

Very cool video. The Star Destroyer is too cool. I guess the next project is the Death Star II which comes out in September.

Now lets see if I can convince my wife that I need more Lego.

[Comments Link]  42. Posted by Edda on 30 June, 2005 15:36 CET

Everybody needs more Lego :)

[Comments Link]  43. Posted by Milo on 1 July, 2005 12:56 CET

Love it…

I did a version with music…

[Comments Link]  44. Posted by Milo on 1 July, 2005 16:07 CET

Hope you don’t mind…

[Comments Link]  45. Posted by David on 3 July, 2005 20:19 CET

I like the few seconds of the two of you eating. It’s like the food is rapidly sublimating into the air.

[Comments Link]  46. Posted by Nils on 4 July, 2005 10:40 CET

Very cool, well done. Too bad I do not have place in my tiny apartment for that beast…

[Comments Link]  47. Posted by Andrew on 4 July, 2005 10:45 CET

You guys are on slashdot…. so sorry.

[Comments Link]  48. Posted by Kimini on 4 July, 2005 10:52 CET

Thou has been Slashdotted, so you know it’s good.

[Comments Link]  49. Posted by james on 4 July, 2005 11:19 CET

wow the girl’s hot! too bad she’s only on there for like, 1.27 seconds….

[Comments Link]  50. Posted by james on 4 July, 2005 11:26 CET

u guys should have built this:
would have saved u a few minutes ;)

[Comments Link]  51. Posted by passant on 4 July, 2005 11:45 CET

You know, for a home made movie there’s not really enough porn in it.
Well done on the plastic thing!

[Comments Link]  52. Posted by Slashdot on 4 July, 2005 12:15 CET

You’ve been slashdotted!
Counting down ‘till this server melts :)


[Comments Link]  53. Posted by on 4 July, 2005 12:31 CET

Awesome =D

And congrats =D

[Comments Link]  54. Posted by Max on 4 July, 2005 12:31 CET

Mmmmmm GermKnodel. Unless I’m vastly mistaken. Hungry now.

goes off in search of griessknockerlsuppe. which is tough, in london

[Comments Link]  55. Posted by Centipeed on 4 July, 2005 13:29 CET

Hey guys, the second, larger version doesn’t work for me. The first link downloads after a while, but then it downloads really slow and cuts out after about half way (I’m downloading with broadband, so it’s not my connection).. The second one wont download at all for me.. It means I have to be stuck with the smaller version, which I don’t want.. Any more mirrors for the larger version possible?

[Comments Link]  56. Posted by lol on 4 July, 2005 13:31 CET

and then they threw my newphew into it. we call him luke.

[Comments Link]  57. Posted by Edda on 4 July, 2005 13:35 CET

Hi Centipeed,

I took down the large version for now until the /. effect wears off. Don’t want to kill my server. I will see if I can put up a torrent of the large file tonight. Once that’s available I’ll post it here.

Until then we have to hope that one of the mirrors will come back.


[Comments Link]  58. Posted by RoceKiller on 4 July, 2005 13:53 CET

Centripeed: My server is very busy (about 30 downloads pr minute), so I’ve emailed Edda asking to remove the link temporaly.

A torrent would be a very good idear, it seems that the torrent for the medium version requires some sort of registration to download.

Another mirror of the medium version:

[Comments Link]  59. Posted by Centipeed on 4 July, 2005 13:54 CET

Heh.. Slashdot should host any files that they want to link to on their own servers. It’s not fair that they can just link to an offsite file and systematically destroy that site’s server..

Note about the torrent: Nice of you to do it (I’m sure it’s not just being done for me though!) but the only computer I can use with broadband is this one, which is a college computer, so no torrent downloads for me.. You can’t host it on a different server I am guessing? (Or find out why the server doesn’t work?)


[Comments Link]  60. Posted by Rob on 4 July, 2005 14:01 CET

Awesome replica, well done

Thats dedication for you…. looks like you needed a little help from the “force”

[Comments Link]  61. Posted by joejoe on 4 July, 2005 14:24 CET

what was the music in milo’s version that had sound?


[Comments Link]  62. Posted by sheetzam on 4 July, 2005 15:14 CET

Please Please Please explain the technical details of how you did the time lapse. I’m working on a similar project, and am able to get the pictures, just not stitch them together to make a movie. Any pointers would be excellent.

[Comments Link]  63. Posted by cathina on 4 July, 2005 15:22 CET
[Comments Link]  64. Posted by MightyGrim on 4 July, 2005 15:28 CET

More Michi please!!!!!

[Comments Link]  65. Posted by walmillard on 4 July, 2005 15:32 CET

nice work guys. that is awwworsome…

[Comments Link]  66. Posted by Thanol on 4 July, 2005 15:41 CET

Wow, great job guys. That thing is amazing.

[Comments Link]  67. Posted by sqbell on 4 July, 2005 16:32 CET

OMG, omg.. I soooo want to buy this model.. !!

[Comments Link]  68. Posted by statikuz on 4 July, 2005 17:30 CET

hey sheetzam, you can do the time lapse with something like premiere, the webcam software ought to name all the pictures sequentially like picture0001, picture0002, and there’s an option that will allow you to import a sequence of files, you can pick how long you want each frame to show etc. not sure if that’s the easiest way but i know it works =)

oh yeah and its 3104 pieces =D

[Comments Link]  69. Posted by opello on 4 July, 2005 18:30 CET

You can also use the latest virtual dub (and any direct show filter then) to make a sequence of images into an avi. You don’t need a big expensive program like premier when a free one will do :)

[Comments Link]  70. Posted by Perl programmer on 4 July, 2005 18:33 CET

Why is the torrent behind some dumb sign up first site?

Prodigem ( provides up to 100MB without all the hassle.

[Comments Link]  71. Posted by megaman on 4 July, 2005 19:03 CET

kick arse, my friend was thinking about getting one (he’s got most the other star wars lego models) and after seeing this he’s definately gonna get it. nice job on the stop motion film (i love those)

[Comments Link]  72. Posted by megaman on 4 July, 2005 19:05 CET

btw what was the song in the version with music?

[Comments Link]  73. Posted by mknewman on 4 July, 2005 19:05 CET

I used to have one of those on my desk at work. Some of the folks in the office bought it together (it was like $300), and spent several months building it a bit at a time. When I got there it was complete, but it kept falling apart, little by little. I was afraid to touch the thing. Finally I heard someone touched it and it fell to pieces and my boss spent like 8 hours getting it back together. I’ve since changed desks. Whew! What a project!


[Comments Link]  74. Posted by rayray on 4 July, 2005 19:13 CET

Oh gosh! My server is used to some high traffic but I bet I could much better adjust my httpd.conf for this high load. Alas, I am at work and basically stuck. I can't edit the files from here! Hah, I can't wait to see how much bandwidth I get to use though :]

[Comments Link]  75. Posted by AlSeyMer on 4 July, 2005 19:39 CET


Jar-Jar has a sister !

And she is on the web !

[Comments Link]  76. Posted by josejose50 on 4 July, 2005 19:43 CET

You guys rock, I’ve only finished half of the inner frame because of work and other commitments, just shouldve done it all in one sitting like you did. And I linked you …

[Comments Link]  77. Posted by frying_fish on 4 July, 2005 20:29 CET

Nice project, cool that you made a video with it, it may well be a while before the /. wears off, you know how it is with us geeks and star wars

[Comments Link]  78. Posted by Kip on 4 July, 2005 20:48 CET

What’s worse is that the torrent site they used has a delay for brand new signups to download brand new torrents. So right now the delay is 15 hours if you’re new to TorrentMatrix.

[Comments Link]  79. Posted by Milo on 4 July, 2005 20:54 CET


The previous music version:-
(Feel free to use, I have unlimited bandwidth)

The music is by Mylo. (

“Under pressure” and it’s from “Kill rock and roll” album. Which is awesome…

Now buy it…!

Full credit to Esther and Michael,
“Bask in the glory of anonymous fame!”

[Comments Link]  80. Posted by Da Ewok on 4 July, 2005 21:10 CET

Loved it.
The music is “Drop the pressure” by Milo, and it’s a great album too.

[Comments Link]  81. Posted by Da Ewok on 4 July, 2005 21:17 CET

Sorry Mylo, not Milo

[Comments Link]  82. Posted by Tyrmorr on 4 July, 2005 21:39 CET

Someone host a torrent of the full large version will ya? I managed to get about a third of the file today before it was taken down.

Now I have some, but not all, of the file in half decent quality and I needs to see the rest.

It is required.

Torrent the bugger someone!

[Comments Link]  83. Posted by Alex on 4 July, 2005 22:14 CET

torrent for large movie???

[Comments Link]  84. Posted by RoceKiller on 4 July, 2005 22:36 CET

Try mirror 2 for the large movie, it’s very fast.

[Comments Link]  85. Posted by Buran on 4 July, 2005 22:51 CET

Your torrent doesn’t work. “Aborting the torrent as it was rejected by the tracker before connecting to any hosts. Unrecognized host”.

[Comments Link]  86. Posted by Edda on 4 July, 2005 23:17 CET

We have now created torrents of our own. These should work (linked in the article).

[Comments Link]  87. Posted by Tyrmorr on 4 July, 2005 23:41 CET

Thanks folks, Huge vid goodness coming my way. Big evil grin

[Comments Link]  88. Posted by Rian on 5 July, 2005 01:40 CET

Ah, nothing like the smell of fresh bandwidth in the morning. Or something.

Thanks for stress-testing my server, doodz. :) (mine is the second mirror)


[Comments Link]  89. Posted by MrKnisely on 5 July, 2005 01:55 CET

Great vid. I’m sorry it took over 2 years for exposure. Lego could have used this publicity to move their products given how sucky the two “new” movies were.

Thanks for sharing with us.


[Comments Link]  90. Posted by Rocco on 5 July, 2005 06:19 CET

Love the video, never thought to tape when I built mine. Like the system it appears you use, one finds parts, the other builds, very nice.

Have all the UCS around my cube in work, co-workers think I’m nuts.

You gonna tape the Death Star build?

- Rocco

[Comments Link]  91. Posted by jedi_master_sal on 5 July, 2005 16:05 CET

Most excellent! I’ll have to go through each frame to find the minifig. If you don’t mind, I’d like to pass on the link to a cool Star Wars collecting site. Awesome job. I’m still waiting to get my set…someday. This just makes me more excited to get it. Now I know for sure I’m going to video tape it too. Thanks for the inspiration!


[Comments Link]  92. Posted by Angus on 5 July, 2005 16:08 CET

Nice job, cool video. Good thing about being in the UK is that the Slashdots are normally slackening off, with the mirrors available by the time I do my daily trawl.

Building that has got to have taken a lot of perseverence, nice touch with the clock - I recommend you slow down your eating or you’ll get indigestion. :P

Thanks for the chance to watch, I get to see something complete that I’d never have the patience to do myself.


[Comments Link]  93. Posted by Marty on 5 July, 2005 18:03 CET


Great job you guys…

[Comments Link]  94. Posted by Tracia on 5 July, 2005 18:54 CET

Very appropriate to see it today when we are taking our kids to Legoland tomorrow! Now we won’t be impressed with what we see there, since we know that you can build even the most complicated lego models in just about 4 minutes! ;)
Seriously, how neat to watch! I can’t imagine having 10 hours straight to do anything, save for something that requires the brain to stay awake. What exactly was it that you were eating? And shortly before that when there was nothing going on for a second or two—was that a bathroom break (the ONLY one? Or did you two trade off?) :)
I wish there was a way to set up a web cam for when we do an addition on our house! This is just way too cool! Thanks for sharing your geekiness with the rest of us (I’m one of those wives who would do this, too, btw! Thanks for being the ‘voice’ of the female Star Wars geek!)

[Comments Link]  95. Posted by darth frost on 5 July, 2005 23:46 CET

i think the longest it ever took me to build a SW lego model was about 2-3 hours building either the TIE-bomber or the x-wing. i loved your video though, the dinner scene made me can’t say i’m about to buy a star destroyer model, though (lack of space to put it), although once i was tempted to get the AT-AT walker.

well done!

[Comments Link]  96. Posted by fpp666 on 6 July, 2005 06:14 CET

How did u set up the webcam to take the pics every 5 seconds? i have a 9000pc. puzzle of the petronas towers waiting here… :-P


[Comments Link]  97. Posted by anand on 6 July, 2005 06:42 CET

awesome :) awesome :)

[Comments Link]  98. Posted by Edda on 6 July, 2005 10:16 CET


I just used a regular webcam software. There is usually an option that lets you take a picture every __ seconds.

[Comments Link]  99. Posted by Nechro3 on 6 July, 2005 13:22 CET

I had a hard time concentrating on the build.

Sorry but, I found myself just staring at her chest.

I will have to say though, both were built well. ;-)

[Comments Link]  100. Posted by Drasak on 7 July, 2005 07:45 CET

Very nice, makes me wish I had one.

[Comments Link]  101. Posted by fok on 7 July, 2005 23:28 CET
[Comments Link]  102. Posted by ehowton on 8 July, 2005 04:48 CET

Very nice.

[Comments Link]  103. Posted by eL'VeeJay on 9 July, 2005 03:10 CET

I just love this little film. Very nice.
It reminded me of the SW III lego trailer on the lego homepage called Revenge of the Brick:


[Comments Link]  104. Posted by Rian on 10 July, 2005 04:43 CET

Well I’m not getting so many hits anymore. I managed to serve up almost 110GB, mostly in referrals from this page. I can only imagine what the total hit count would be…

[Comments Link]  105. Posted by Mark on 11 July, 2005 09:33 CET

Great job! Well made!

[Comments Link]  106. Posted by Milo on 13 July, 2005 17:15 CET

113gb from me. about 9k unique visitors.

[Comments Link]  107. Posted by Fadi on 13 July, 2005 19:20 CET

Nice :) I passed along the link to my other geek friends, so expect more :p

[Comments Link]  108. Posted by Lem J on 20 July, 2005 08:20 CET

Hi, very nice. May I enquire what webcam you are using and what software you used to do the “every 5sec” snapshot? Thank you.

[Comments Link]  109. Posted by Edda on 20 July, 2005 10:56 CET

I have a Logitech webcam. It’s an older model that I guess they don’t sell anymore today. It’s a QuickCam Pro 1000 I think.

For the snapshot taking I just used some freeware webcam software. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the software (it’s been three years you know ;). But most webcam applications out there should have this feature…

[Comments Link]  110. Posted by Wedge on 12 August, 2005 05:19 CET


The video is incredible!
I just received the Lego Star Destroyer for my birthday.
I am very happy to see the final result…

[Comments Link]  111. Posted by HedoSean on 14 November, 2005 22:00 CET

You can add me as a mirror.

I uploaded all three to my server and added links. giving FULL credit to you guys of course. these rock!


[Comments Link]  112. Posted by Esther on 15 November, 2005 09:06 CET

Thanks a lot Sean. Added you to the mirrors :)

[Comments Link]  113. Posted by Jimbob on 15 April, 2006 22:12 CET

so sweet…….just sweet.


[Comments Link]  114. Posted by Joseph on 26 May, 2006 05:08 CET

Pretty sweet.

Oh, and BTW, in case you haven’t noticed: you’ve got a spambot problemo. >_<

[Comments Link]  115. Posted by YanPL on 17 July, 2006 00:45 CET

hey! nice space vassel…
Edda: woot, i remember this page long long time ago dominated by Crimsonland hi-scores… do you still have some of those in your archieves? i’m looking especially for e-mail adress of keda_p, if you will find some info about him in archieves i would be grateful if you could send me an e-mail

[Comments Link]  116. Posted by Edda on 17 July, 2006 10:07 CET

Hey Yan,

funny that you still remember my Crimsonland phase :) Unfortunately I don’t have any contact info of keda_p. Good luck in finding it.

[Comments Link]  117. Posted by froesch on 16 August, 2006 14:27 CET

how high is this destroyer?
i have bought it for me and my girlfriend and want to build a glass cubboard for it. i know that it is 93 x 58 cm.

[Comments Link]  118. Posted by Edda on 16 August, 2006 14:41 CET

Sorry, I can’t tell you how high exactly it is since mine is currently in a partly disassembled state. It is quite high though. At least 50cm I’d say. But again, can’t say for sure right now. Sorry.

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