Here you can find out a bit about me. This is an ongoing project and far from finished. Currently I cannot work on this very often as I lack spare time. Therefore I just put this fragment up and will add more (especially pictures) whenever I have the time. If there's something you've always wanted to ask me just do it and I will put your question and my answer on this page.




Edda, Raupe, Lobo for computer games sometimes


March 2nd, 1977 in Koblenz, Germany

Currently Living in:

Berlin, Germany


One brother, Jan (three years younger).


Michael (Michi)




Yes. Very tiny ones currently.

Natural Hair:

Short brown hair (with blond wisps in Summer).

Name of colour I dye my hair with:

Pure Copper Power. No I'm not kidding. That really is the name.


173.5 cm


Student, Computer Science, currently (2002) writing on my thesis.

First Computer:

Commodore Amiga 500, 512kb RAM, later updated to 1MB, Xmas 1988.

First Computer Game:

Space Quest II. On my dad's laptop with a monochrome display.




Currently none. Had a dog. We had to put her to sleep in December 2000.

Places I have lived:

Koblenz, Karlsruhe, Berlin

Places I have been:

Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, USA (spent most of my summer breaks there since 1990)

Places I want to go:

Almost everywhere. But most notably New Zealand (yes I already wanted to go there before they shot LotR there), Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, Japan.

What else?

I'm a gamer. I love both video games and boardgames. I'm a member of a boardgaming club. I own 80+ board- and/or cardgames. And I still have the feeling that I need more.

I'm a movie freak. In Karlsruhe I lived across the street of a great movie theater. Sometimes I was there 4 times a week. Now I go to the movies at least once a week.

I have some art skills. But I'm not good enough to make a living with it. I want to practise more to maybe someday be able to do just that though.